Boosting Your Instagram Engagement


Instagram is one of the top two highest-performing social media apps in the country, so it should come as no surprise that business owners, artists, influencers, and others are always trying to find ways to increase their presence on the app. It can be hard for newcomers to IG to get started, but this article will teach users how to hit the ground running. Read on to find out how to boost Instagram engagement and start developing a following.

1. Get a Head Start

Starting a new Instagram profile can feel intimidating, especially for those without a lot of social media know-how. It can seem like everyone else already has a huge following ready to offer likes, follows, and shares, and they’re getting all of the attention. Finding a cheap and easy way to get IG likes can give new users a head start.

It’s important to note here that Instagram’s algorithms may prioritize more popular accounts, but they also deprioritize and may even ban users that use bots or fake accounts to get likes. It’s important for anyone who wants to buy IG likes to find a service that only works with real Instagram users and has a track record of proven results.

2. Create High-Value Content

As with any other marketing effort, IG marketing requires creating high-value content that resonates with users. In this case, that means combining eye-catching photos and infographics with helpful, well-written captions. It can be harder for users to come up with high-quality content on IG than on other sites that are more forgiving of different formats, but this same very specific formatting also offers unique opportunities.

One example can be seen with the Instagram carousel posts. Carousel posts allow users to break information down into multiple graphics, helping to keep captions simple and avoid cluttered text. As an added benefit, carousel posts are the most engaging type of content because they get people to stop scrolling and swipe on a post.

3. Embrace Video Posts

Instagram has been making it easier for users to experiment with new content forms, even if the general post format remains similar or the same. Users should take full advantage of that fact by embracing video posts. Instagram allows users to upload short-form animations to both Stories and feeds, post to Instagram Video, and go live with business accounts. 

It’s worth noting that, as of last summer, all short video posts will be shared as reels. This change creates a full-screen, more immersive experience for users and offers access to Reels creative editing tools to anyone posting video posts. The best part about it is that there’s no need to hire professional camera crews to start creating Instagram videos. Users can make a stronger impression by connecting with their followers on a more human level.

4. Stay Engaged

When Instagram users start engaging with a brand, they deserve to be seen and heard. Users can show their followers that they are listening by responding to comments, DMs, and tags thoughtfully instead of leaving them on read or just clicking the heart icon and calling it a day.

Responding to users is the best way to keep them engaged and start creating reciprocal relationships, which can be a stepping-stone to increased IG popularity. Those who want to take things a step further can, and should, grow their own communities by reaching out to other users. Comment on posts, follow relevant hashtags and keep up with current and potential clients so they’ll be more likely to keep coming back.

Remember, It Takes Time to See Results

If it seems like the tips above aren’t helping, give it some time. The only way to boost engagement instantly is to purchase likes, follows, and shares, and most people use those services sparingly, combining them with increased organic reach to maximize effectiveness. Keep trying, and don’t get discouraged. Developing a devoted Instagram following doesn’t happen overnight.

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