Parent charged with bringing knife to Canyon High deemed OK for trial


A woman arrested on suspicion of bringing a weapon onto school grounds at Canyon High School in June was deemed competent to stand trial, a spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office said Wednesday. 

Lachina Chaisson, 42, is facing a pair of charges related to allegations she brought a knife to the high school on Nadal Street and threatened a school official, prompting a brief campus lockdown back in June.

Chaisson was arrested June 3 after she showed up on campus around 6:50 a.m. and brandished a knife in a threatening manner, according to court records. 

Documents indicate Chaisson parked her car in a manner that blocked other cars from entering the campus’ student parking lot, at which point she was confronted by a school official regarding her parking job. 

Chaisson apparently became belligerent with the official, daring the official to call the police and saying “they can’t do (expletive),” according to witness statements in court documents. 

The victim, a school official, also reported the suspect, Chaisson, was manipulating what he believed to be a switchblade-style knife, and said to the victim, “I am a god. No one can touch me.” 

The victim became extremely concerned, also considering a threat was issued to the school the previous day, which stated: “You better run … Shooting the school on 6-02-22,” according to court documents. 

The victim retreated to the school office and identified the car to law enforcement as a silver-colored Chrysler Sebring belonging to a parent of a student at the campus. 

Chaisson was initially arrested on suspicion of a trespassing charge, but then later charged with brandishing a weapon and bringing a weapon onto school grounds. Detectives later executed a search of the Sebring, which was located at a local tow yard, and recovered a black pocket knife.  

She was deemed competent to stand trial Dec. 15, according to an email from the DA’s Office, with online court records indicating an arraignment and plea hearing is scheduled for Tuesday in San Fernando. 

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