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The most important decision you can make when starting out your trading career is who your online broker will be. This decision can not only improve profits but can prevent you from unwitting financial ruin. It is now a great time to start trading and investing in your future as online brokers are in fierce competition with one another to secure clients. However, unscrupulous operators have also emerged so it is important to make the correct decision the first time. This article is intended to provide new traders with the important boxes to be checked when choosing an online broker.


The recent GameStop debacle has led many to believe online brokers are unreliable and untrustworthy. Fortunately, at the same time, several online brokers have risen to challenge this belief by providing a fully transparent platform that gives users the confidence to make trades without the nagging feeling that they are not seeing the full picture.

Further, online brokers have looked to register with regulatory bodies that provide a set of standards that must be adhered to. These standards are designed to protect both the trader and the online broker. At Pocket Option we see being part of such a regulatory system as fundamental in providing our customers with an experience based on trust and reliability. It is within our license framework that we look to provide not only a reliable service but a convenient one.

Tools and Innovation

It is also important for you to look at what the platform used to facilitate trades provides. Ask yourself whether they provide an innovative solution that gets you into the market to take advantage of good prices and out of the market without unnecessary delay when it’s time to take a profit. In this regard, look at what information the broker provides in the forms of charts and indicators, this information is critical to inform your strategy and should not be overlooked.

When looking to become a better trader the amount of information at your disposal can make or break your market timing. With that in mind, the tools provided by your broker need to be easily accessible. How conveniently this information can be accessed is the mark of an innovative company. 


It is not only the provision of information that is important but showing traders how to use that information as well. To this extent, the broker should provide free and accessible educational materials that example how the platform works and how you will get the most out of it. Further, the platform should provide educational material regarding strategies and how they can be implemented on the platform. Such material needs to show what tools the trader should be using on the platform to get the most out of their chosen strategy.

Look for how the information is presented. Is it easy to read, regardless of your trading experience? Many brokers provide educational seminars and video content to assist new customers which should be something on your radar when choosing your online broker. This is also the time you should read the terms and conditions fine print so that you better understand how the platform facilitates trades and withdrawals.


In concluding, it is wise to look at the various promotions offered by online brokers. These can be used to supplement or even increase your profit on trades. However, the promotion offered, especially to new customers should not be the sole reason you choose the broker. Do your due diligence and let the promotion be the cherry on top as it were.

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