Circle of Hope hosts Wellness Day for cancer clients 

Yasmina Valdivia (left) brushes makeup onto Penny Sande (Right) during Circle of Hope's Wellness Day on Sunday March 5, 2023
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Clients of Circle Hope got some well-deserved pampering at the nonprofit’s Wellness Day, held at Tribute Beauty Lounge in Newhall on Sunday.  

Attendees were treated to manicures, pedicures, hair treatments by professional stylists, facials and even afternoon mimosas —- all in an effort to create an environment that helped them take their minds off the other types of treatments they typically have to endure.  

“If you notice inside, there’s no pink ribbons, there’s nothing in there that’s going to remind them that this is a cancer event. We want them to forget about that fact today,” said Laura Kirchhoff, executive director of Circle of Hope. “We want them to feel beautiful, pampered and spoiled. We want to give them just a day of relaxation to have fun and just make them feel like the special and beautiful people that they really are.” 

Jen Glover (Top) pins up Leslie Borgen’s (Bottom) hair during Circle of Hope’s Wellness Day on Sunday March 5, 2023

Kirchhoff said everything being done on Sunday, from massages and skin care to hair and makeup, was completely done by volunteers. Of the women they were serving that day, Kirchhoff said they’re the strongest one could ever meet.  

“This is their day to feel good about themselves, to feel beautiful. They’re all beautiful on the inside. I mean, they’re the most special people you’ll ever meet. They’re just strong,” said Kirchoff. “These women are warriors, They’re going through something in their life that they’ve never thought they’d ever have to experience and they are all fighters.” 

For Adrienne Thompson, a board member for Circle of Hope, the event has a personal and special meaning.  

Circle of Hope board members Cass Stauffer and Adrienne Thompson pose for the camera at their Wellness Day Event on Sunday, March 5, 2023. Trevor Morgan / The Signal

“It feels good to me because I am a cancer survivor myself,” said Thompson. “So it feels good for me to help and be a part of this and it feels good to see that they’re getting this wellness in and this treatment.” 

Cass Stauffer, also a board member for Circle of Hope, said their work is largely unseen but that Sunday’s event was an opportunity for the community to see the impacts of their work.  

“Today’s event is special because not only do we get to help our clients, but we get to help the community see our clients,” said Stauffer. “A lot of it is behind the scenes, whereas we’re paying medical bills and we don’t necessarily get to see that hands-on smile, or that reprieve of that medical bill. Whereas today, we get to see that smile instantly.” 

Candy Beknis (bottom) tells her stylist how short she’d like her hair to be during Circle of Hope’s Wellness Day on Sunday March 5, 2023

Smiles were bountiful and event organizers said attendees had such a good time, they were reluctant to leave. 

Circle of Hope’s next community event will be a hoedown at Gilchrist Farm on May 20.

Ashley Narr (Right) gives Debbie Calvo (Left) a facial during Circle of Hope’s Wellness Day on Sunday March 5, 2023

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