GoFundMe to help Travel Village resident whose RV was swept away 

Photo courtesy of Tracey Jones' GoFundMe for Robert Miskell.
Photo courtesy of Tracey Jones' GoFundMe for Robert Miskell.
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At approximately 12 a.m., Robert Miskell, a Valencia Travel Village RV Resort resident, noticed his neighbor moving their trailer. The neighbor noticed a large tree nearby about to break and fall due to the weather.  

Another neighbor followed their lead to avoid their property being crushed by the large tree.  

Miskell helped as much as he could until it was his turn to move his property. Miskell then heard a loud crack, with his back turned. Miskell and others, turned back to see the tree sheared off and fallen into the river.  

A loud “kerplunk” followed the crack.  

“The lot next to me was losing chunks (of the ground), 8 inches wide by about 2 to 3 feet long,” said Miskell. “They were off like dominoes dropping in the water.”  

Miskell ran to his truck, drove it to safety and parked. He got back out and right before his eyes, he watched his table and barbecue fall down into the river.  

“There was no ground whatsoever,” said Miskell.  

He ran into his trailer, grabbed his dog and got out.  

Miskell’s home fell into the river with all of his belongings.  

“It fell straight in on the back windows and as soon as they hit the hit the water, the whole back exploded and opening up like a cannon,” said Miskell.  

With Miskell’s home in the river, 700 yards down from his lot, he has been staying at his friend’s house. He is currently working hard as a technician for a plumbing company to keep his mind off of his reality as the results of the disaster start to sink in.  

Miskell is working with the insurance company, but the insurance for Miskell’s unfortunate disaster only covers his trailer, not his belongings inside.  

His employer Tracey Jones has set up a GoFundMe with a goal of $1,500 to raise money to replace Miskell’s belongings and provide him with clothes, food for him and his dog.  

“I’ve always seen GoFundMes and I’ve always donated to people that have needed help, so I decided to start a GoFundMe to try to raise some help for him to replace all his personal belongings,” said Jones.  

Those wishing to donate to the GoFundMe for Miskell can do so at bit.ly/3YfvDqt 

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