Schiavo advances 5 bills, 4 with bipartisan support

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Assemblywoman Pilar Schiavo, D-Chatsworth, announced she has successfully advanced five of her top-priority bills through Assembly policy committees, and four of the bills received bipartisan support.  

Below is a brief summary of the five bills, as described in a prepared statement released by Schiavo’s office: 

• Housing People Can Afford (Assembly Bill 911): AB 911 provides confidence to affordable housing developers who want to purchase real estate for 100% affordable development. 

Postpartum Care for New Moms & Babies (AB 608): AB 608 provides nurturing, supportive, and culturally competent postpartum care from Comprehensive Perinatal Health Workers. This means new moms and babies enrolled in Medi-Cal have care where and when they need it for a full year after a pregnancy ends. 

Creating Safe Communities (AB 1133): AB 1133 centralizes information on proper concealed carry practices and creates safe statewide testing standards in order to receive or renew a concealed carry gun permit. 

Support for Small Businesses (AB 1217): AB 1217, joint authored with Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel, D-Woodland Hills, removes red tape and allows sidewalk and outdoor dining at restaurants, a lifeline to small businesses and restaurants during the pandemic and as they continue to try to recover. This is an opportunity to reimagine city centers and dining moving forward and continue to support safe outdoor dining in the community. 

Tools to Lift out of Homelessness and Poverty (AB464): AB 464 provides tools needed for low-income and people who are homeless by eliminating costs for driver’s licenses. These are required to access support essential to getting on their feet like employment, safe parking programs, housing, schooling and health care. It also eliminates fees for access to vital records such as birth certificates, death records, and marriage or marriage dissolution records for any individual who is a recipient of public assistance.  

“I am so proud that our office continues to advance solutions to our community’s biggest challenges. Delivering on issues like health care, housing, homelessness, safe communities and support for small businesses will allow all families to thrive,” Schiavo said in the release. “I thank my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for their support.”  

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