Experts Note That Authentic Latin Dishes Are New American Food Trend


For decades, traditional Latin dishes have been a favorite for many palates in the United States. Latin and Caribbean dishes have been enjoyed in the United States as snacks and meals for years as they are known to be filling, very flavorful, and appetizing. 

Foods like tacos, tamales, enchiladas, and many more are loved around the United States, even by people with no Caribbean ancestry. However, most of these food options tend to be popularly associated with ingredients known to be unhealthy for body organs. These dishes are known to be rich in dense calories, salt, and fats that are not necessarily healthy. Hence, many consciously try to reduce them in their diets to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. 

Experts have noted that there is absolutely no need to deprive oneself of the satisfaction of having these meals as it is possible to enjoy them heart-healthy while maintaining the authentic flavors. Also, it is easy to cook Latin dishes with authentic herbs and spices which can be bought at iHerb using an iHerb discount coupon from

How Latinos Enjoy Traditional Dishes And Stay Healthy

Wellness experts assert that many of these meals are considered unhealthy in the United States and other parts of the world, where they are typically enjoyed because of the artificial ingredients used. They noted that many of these dishes use healthy ingredients directly from their sources, many of which are improvised in other parts of the world. However, it is relatively easier to get these natural herbs with iHerb shipping from anywhere in the world, particularly the USA. 

An instance was cited, using Nicoya, Costa Rica, as a case study. It was noted that authentic and traditional flavors are enjoyed here, and most of their foods are plant-based. Hence, they enjoy optimal health and wellness. 

A registered dietician nutritionist, Gabby Puche, said, “It embodies what a lot of Latin cuisines have, which is a diet that is rich in beans, legumes like black beans, red kidney beans, avocado, colorful vegetables like all the pepper varieties, tomatoes, yams, plantains – and they do eat the leaner choices of protein, like fish and chicken. All these staples are true to Costa Rica but also true to the rest of Latin America.”

How To Enjoy Authentic Latin Flavors In Heart-Healthy Ways

A tip these experts share on how to enjoy dishes from Latin and Caribbean ancestry in their authentic flavors without increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease is to prepare them at home. According to Maggie Jimenez, a lifestyle and cooking expert, “It’s important to cook at home because you can control the ingredients and the amount of salt and oils you use.”

Many other experts have agreed with this opinion as they noted that it is significantly easier to control the number of unhealthy substances one intake when one prepares these foods personally than eating out. 

These tipsters were able to conclude that the method of food preparation makes all the difference. While taking the time to prepare these dishes, one can prioritize using only healthy and natural ingredients that are easy to get and use in the right quantities. The authentic flavors known with these meals can be gotten from herbs and spices like turmeric, garlic, onions, cilantro, and other well-known spices, rather than using artificial spices that many people in the US have taken a liking to.

Furthermore, saturated fat increases one’s cholesterol levels, and Latino foods, which are mostly fried, tend to be rich in them. Hence, it was advised to avoid frying as much as possible and try other methods of cooking these dishes. Natural oils like olive and avocado are recommended when frying cannot be avoided. 

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