Tracking Key Metrics with Client Relationship Management Software


If you are analyzing the performance of your business, then keeping track of key metrics is essential. Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool used to integrate data from various sources and can help generate insights into your business,it can tell you where improvement is needed to enhance client satisfaction rates and revenue increase. The advantages of using such technology can be compared to a racecar with new tires, performance is key and the end result is a circuit winner.  Let’s look at some of the important aspects of tracking metrics.

Common Metrics to Track

Some of the key metrics that businesses can track with CRM work management software includes client acquisition cost (CAC), client lifetime value, sales conversion rates, client satisfaction levels and more. Monitoring these metrics helps businesses make data driven decisions to improve the sales and marketing strategies, enhance client experiences and increase revenue. CRM systems, like Planfix, are a necessary tool in today’s world to make your business perform beyond expectations.

Using CRM Software to Track Metrics

CRM software can help businesses track identified key metrics and improve client relationships. Client data can easily be tracked and analyzed to gain insights into their behaviors and preferences. This data can then be used for personalized marketing strategies and improving the overall client experience. CRM software also automates manual tasks such as data entry, follow up emails, etc. Data can be integrated from multiple sources into the CRM system. This process involves identifying and mapping the data, and then establishing the rules for data cleansing and transformation. 

Identifying Areas for Improvement

To analyze key metrics, CRM software can help identify areas of improvement and assist you to make more informed decisions. Analyzing these key metrics can provide businesses with valuable insights into sales, marketing and client service performance. Companies can focus their resources and efforts and achieve their goals with the insights provided from a CRM system.  

Enhancing Client Satisfaction

With a centralized database of client information provided by the CRM system, all departments can access and use the information to personalize communication or interaction with the clients. Using a CRM system setup can provide customized and efficient service to clients with accuracy of information and less confusion when dealing with the client over different departments. The CRM system has only advantages, if you don’t have one implemented yet, you should. The results will only be positively evident and you will see a quick return on investment.  


It can not be overstated how good the CRM software can be for your business. With the information provided from the analytics of client data and behavior there can be advantages like revenue increase, the adding of new clients because of the service interaction and making the correct changes as per hard data guidance. CRM is definitely the new word in town and a tool brought from the kings. Head over to Planfix now to get your CRM software implemented!

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