Local musician Wildspring wins awards for music video 

Screenshot of Wildspring's song "Easy."

Barbara Schucko, otherwise known as Wildspring, is a local musician whose music video for her song “Easy,” has been selected for several international film festivals and has even garnered some awards.  

Schucko, a native of Belo Horizonte, Brazil who immigrated to the United States to pursue music, is a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and said living in Santa Clarita for the past four years has inspired her work.  

“It’s close to L.A., but it’s also quieter, and it’s just beautiful,” said Schucko. “So it was a very inspiring place to be and close enough to the city that I’d be able to go to the studios and concerts and it wouldn’t be much of a big deal and still get the quiet and the mountains. It’s just a very inspiring place to be.” 

Schucko has set herself up for success by learning a variety of skills — both musically and linguistically. While studying music production at Berklee, she also trained her voice and learned how to play the guitar and bass.  

Although she first started learning English in Brazil, as well as the country’s native tongue of Portuguese, she studied English further in Australia and even went on to learn French, Spanish and some German.  

Being diverse in her skills also takes shape in her influences, which can only be described as eclectic. She’s been inspired by Brazilian artists and composers such as Caetano Veloso but also by rock and pop artists such as The Beatles, Phoebe Bridgers, The Rolling Stones and Supertramp.  

“I’m always trying to get inspiration from different places and I just enjoy listening to different music,” said Schucko. “So all of that inspires me in a different way.” 

The music video for “Easy” was done in collaboration with Brazilian filmmaker Rafaella Ocha and won “Best Cinematography” at the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival while also being selected for the Lift Off Global Sessions film festival, Prague Music Video Awards and the Golden Short Film Festival in Italy.  

“It’s really rewarding, music is a path that has a lot of ups and downs but it’s very exciting for that same exact fact,” said Schucko. “I’m also a music producer and composer so I enjoy all of those parts of it. But, being an artist just has a different feel — it helps you understand all of those other roles that I also take in music, but as an artist you have something that people connect with that is just extremely rewarding.” 

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