Schoolyard fight escalates after class  

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A 34-year-old Sand Canyon mom is facing a brandishing charge and a pair of concealed weapon charges after a verbal altercation in the schoolyard between junior high school students escalated outside of a frozen yogurt shop. 

The older sibling of a Sierra Vista Junior High student was picking up her sister after school in the 19400 block of Soledad Canyon Road on April 27, when a car pulled up next to her, according to sworn statements in court documents obtained by The Signal. 

The court records provided the following narrative of the incident: 

A white Porsche Cayenne parked alongside the alleged victims’ vehicle, and the younger sibling indicated that she had just gotten into a verbal argument with the student in the front passenger seat. 

As the first car pulled away, the driver noticed the mother and her daughter were following her in the Porsche as she headed east through the parking lot. Ultimately, the driver of the Porsche pulled up in the next spot over and began to yell at the victims’ vehicle through an open window. 

After the suspect and the driver of the other car argued briefly, the suspect challenged the other driver to a fight, according to court documents.  

As the victim began to get out of her vehicle, she claims to have seen the suspect retrieving a black semiautomatic handgun from the glove compartment and then pointing the gun at the victims, while yelling she is, “about that life,” according to a detective’s sworn statements that indicate it’s an expression “insinuating one is willing to commit a crime.” 

After detectives investigated their report and identified the suspect, she was arrested 3 p.m. May 23, according to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department arrest records available online. 

She was released from custody May 24 in lieu of a $65,906 bail. 

She is scheduled to be arraigned at 8:30 a.m. Friday in San Fernando on three misdemeanor charges, two for carrying a concealed weapon and a third for brandishing a handgun. 

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