Valencia graduate creates business to save oceans 

Photo courtesy of Lex Levy.
Photo courtesy of Lex Levy.

Lex Levy and her parents frequent the beach to surf.  

Time after time she saw the damaging effects of humans’ impact on Earth.  

Sea animals washed up on to shore, tangled in nets, and the pollution on the beach, was enough for her to know that she wanted to make a difference.  

“It just breaks my heart every time I see (that),” said Levy.  

Levy created her business “Lexion Verve,” where she sells sustainable jewelry, to raise awareness and funds toward ocean conservation.  

Jewelry making serves as Levy’s creative outlet that has played a crucial role in her life.  

“There was always something about creativity that has played a big role in my life,” said Levy.  

Photo courtesy of Lex Levy.
Photo courtesy of Lex Levy.

In 2019, Levy created her first jewelry business. As this business grew, so did her desire to do better by humans.  

Three years later Levy sold her first business to start “Lexion Verve” in January 2023.   

“I knew I wanted to do something that aims more with sustainability and helping our planet and I already knew jewelry, and I already knew that’s what people liked,” said Levy, “and so I decided to create a company based around helping our planet and I really fell in love with it.” 

All of Levy’s creations are created by hand. They are made from either secondhand materials or come from a sustainable wholesaler.  

All of the products are water-resistant, nickel-free and hypoallergenic.  

Photo courtesy of Lex Levy.
Photo courtesy of Lex Levy.

Levy said that about 10% of the proceeds go toward ocean conservation efforts. However, this amount is not donated in cash, but rather through physical actions.  

“What I do is I get a group of people together and we go down to Santa Monica or Malibu, and we actually clean up the ocean together, and I provide all the materials to do so,” said Levy. “This way, I actually see the impact being made, and I know that there is an impact being made, instead of donating a portion of all proceeds to a random organization and I don’t really see what’s happening behind the scenes.” 

Levy just graduated from Valencia High School and is headed to Arizona State University in the fall. She plans on continuing “Lexion Verve,” but switching her efforts toward mountain and park conversation to fit her new community.  

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