Why You Need to Look After Your Car Tires 


While your tires make up a small part of your vehicle in the grand scheme of things, they have a vital role to play when it comes to the functionality and safety of your car. They’re the only part of the vehicle that comes in contact with the road, and the correct tread, inflation and size of tires for your car are what will help you to slow down, stop and turn safely. 

 If you don’t look after your tires properly, you risk the safety of yourself and everyone else around you on the road. Therefore, not only is it critical to make certain you choose the correct tires to begin with, but you must maintain them on a regular basis to ensure that they perform to the best possible level. Here are a few ways to keep your tires performing at their best.  

Keep an Eye on Tire Pressure 

Under inflated tires are a safety risk; this is because it causes the amount of rubber that contacts the road to be higher than it should be. This leads to increased friction, possible overheating, premature wear and tear or even a full-on tire blowout. If you cause an accident due to this, it can also make your permanent or temporary car insurance invalid.  

Check your tire pressure on a regular basis, particularly if you have an older vehicle that doesn’t have tire pressure sensors to alert you of potential issues. Check tire pressure when your tires are cold (so not after a long journey) which will give you the most accurate reading.  

Have Punctures Repaired 

Modern tires that are used today are very robust. However, punctures can still happen. The problem with punctures is that they aren’t always instantly noticeable, your tire might not go flat immediately. Instead, air can leak out over time and lead to the incorrect amount of air and pressure in your tire and cause safety issues for all of the reasons listed above.  

With punctures, you might not need to have your entire tire replaced, instead it’s possible to have a professional repair done. This will save you money if the rest of the tire is in good condition and worth saving.  

Check Tread Depth 

The tread (the grooves) on tires are what causes them to grip to the road as you drive. If the tread isnt deep enough, your car can lose traction and your braking time will dramatically increase, putting you at huge risk of an accident. Shallow tread grooves are especially dangerous in wet weather and you’re more likely to aquaplane (skid on water or snow).  

There’s a legal limit when it comes to tire wear and tear, be sure to check what this is in the country you live in. Invest in a tire tread gauge and make it part of your car maintenance routine to regularly keep tabs on this.  

A lot of different factors impact the life of your tires, including driving style, pressure, speed, load, maintenance, temperature, and much more. The importance of making sure that you maintain your tires cannot be overlooked.  

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