How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take to Settle?


If you have sustained injuries in an accident through no fault of your own and have filed a claim against whoever is responsible for your injuries and other losses with the help of a Portland personal injury lawyer, you may be anxious to receive the compensation to which you might be entitled. You may be dealing with endless medical appointments and treatments while watching a pile of bills accumulating with no end in sight. You may also be suffering financially if your injuries are keeping you from returning to your job and may be dealing with pain and suffering related to your injuries and the recovery of your health.

What Plays a Role in How Fast a Personal Injury Claim May Settle?

There are several important issues that play a role in how a personal injury claim develops and how fast it settles. In general, it will depend on:

  • How severe and extensive your injuries are
  • The amount of damages you are seeking
  • The attitude and cooperation of all parties involved

Even when all of the above are overcome and the case reaches a settlement, you may still have to wait on average six weeks to get the money from your personal injury claim.

How Is the Settlement Fund Distributed?

Every case is different but, when there are medical bills or bills related to repairing your vehicle, these businesses may receive their payments first. If you have already taken care of these bills out of your own pocket, then you would be reimbursed for these expenses.

Your attorney will confirm the final amounts to be paid to each creditor or provider and issue the appropriate checks.

Once those items are paid, your attorney’s fees will come next including any court costs and filing fees. The attorney will receive the fee for legal representation to which you agreed when you hired them. Your attorney will prepare and present to you an itemized statement of services in which they will include the work they did for you and any associated costs such as copies, postage, travel, and others.

The Most Important Part: Your Payout

Once all bills, expenses, fees, and costs associated with your case have been taken care of, your lawyer will issue a check to you with the residual amount. This entire process may take a couple of days. You may be asked to stop by the law firm to pick up your check or it may be mailed out to you accompanied by a statement of items paid and the final settlement agreement which you may have had to sign.

If your lawyer is taking longer than a few days to finalize your payout it may be due to a large number of cases that they are dealing with at once. Do not try to guess when the funds are coming to you. Give them a call to get the needed verification as to when you can be expected to receive your money.

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