Why Buying YouTube Comments Can Boost Your Channel’s Success? 


YouTube, the 2nd most popular social media platform, is becoming the choice of millions of people worldwide for providing informative and entertaining content. When approached strategically, this platform can provide a wider exposure of your brand, business, talent, or service to a unique audience. But, just creating and uploading different sorts of videos on your channel can’t help you engage with targeted viewers and make money. 

Not every viewer will provide relevant comments on your post unless you remind them to give their feedback or express their relevant thoughts in the post. Create a sense of community in the comment section by starting communication, appreciating viewers’ compliments, and answering their questions. 

Sometimes it happens that viewers start giving negative comments for any reason. This may badly affect your online reputation. Buying YouTube comments provides the best solution to receive positive and quality comments within a few hours. 

What are YouTube comments and why are they important? 

User-generated comments that appear below the video are known as YouTube comments. These comments can be negative or positive based on the preferences of viewers. They are filtered by relevance and can help in driving improved multi-channel engagement. Comments are like participating in straight conversations online. 

Getting comments on YouTube (YT) videos is essential in receiving viewers’ feedback and determining what they like or dislike in your videos. The feedback will let you make the necessary adjustments to your videos. Getting more positive comments means your content is gaining more positive engagement. 

YouTube comments can be linked to other videos on YouTube to create more brand awareness and boost views. The positive comments also help with the improved ranking of your channel on YouTube and provide a chance to appear on the trending page of YouTube. 

How purchased YouTube comments can benefit you? 

There are multiple benefits to purchasing YouTube comments from well-recognized service providers. Let’s discover the major ones – 

1.       Get more exposure 

Buying YouTube comments can allow you to get more exposure. It can improve the chance of your videos being recognized quickly. Don’t forget that only those videos come into the eyes of viewers that have so many likes, comments, and shares. As already mentioned above, comments can be related to other YT videos, you are likely to get more viewers and subscribers. 

2.       Quickly improve engagement rate 

Most users on YouTube move straight to read posted comments after watching a video. They are showing more interest in reading comments rather than watching videos to know what people have to say about a specific video. 

By purchasing positive comments, you can let viewers find you trending and reliable among other users. This will make them show more engagement by liking, commenting, and sharing your videos. 

3.       Appear on YouTube trending page 

Just like all other social media platforms, YouTube also has its algorithm. The algorithm analyzes content quality based on audience engagement, likes, comments, subscribers, shares, and other types of engagement. The ranking system of YT channels depends on the number of subscribers the channel has. 

The number of subscribers varies based on the total number of comments and likes on each video of a specific YT channel. Purchasing YouTube comments can increase the number of comments and also improve your possibility of getting more subscribers and finally help your video rank higher. 

4.       Hit more quickly 

To quickly become a hit, you don’t need to include a renowned guest or a trend. You just need to make your videos viral on YouTube. To make your videos become a hit, you simply need comments, likes, and views. Receiving real comments within a short time is impossible unless you are a famous YouTuber or a celebrity. To show yourself popular to viewers, purchase comments. 

5.       Boost success on all social media platforms 

Any video with enough comments is more likely to be watched by users. This will make them keep looking for your new uploads and give their feedback. This can help improve your upcoming posts and boost your channel’s growth. 

You can even raise the question in your videos to get viewers’ feedback. Based on this input, you can improve your content quality and enjoy success on all social media channels you’re using. YouTube users might be interested in sharing your videos on other platforms. 

Consider comments type before buying them 

There are mainly 2 types of YouTube comments – specific and random comments. Random comments as depicted from the name are randomly created by an algorithm. These are primarily used to quickly create more engagement. 

Random comments are beneficial in showing your channel as an active community and providing your videos with a higher ranking on search results. Specific comments, on the other hand, are created by real people. These are used to generate conversations and more organic engagement. 

Things to consider when buying YouTube comments 

When purchasing YouTube comments, you need to decide the type of comments you need to buy. For more organic engagement, you can consider specific comments while random comments are worth considering for quick engagement. 

You may find some other comment types based on your service provider. Check the quality of the comments and ensure they are not irrelevant or fake. At FBPostLikes, you will get YouTube comments from real people rather than BOT. Thus, there is no risk of reducing engagement or affecting your image even if it will provide engagement forever. 


Some people think that comments do not matter to a high extent on YouTube but this is the biggest myth that needs to debunk. YouTube considers comments count as user engagements. Thus, you should ask your viewers to give their comments on your YT videos. 

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