Church offers 8-week grief recovery program

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The First Presbyterian Church of Newhall is offering community members a grief recovery program, scheduled to run for eight consecutive Sundays beginning Feb. 18. 

The program’s sessions are scheduled to run 2 to 3 p.m. at the church’s campus, 24317 Newhall Ave., Newhall. 

“Grief has been hovering over many people — women and men and children — in Santa Clarita for long periods because of COVID,” Jim Combs, elder at the church, said in a news release. “We — my church family — want to do something to help our community. It was decided grief counseling was the way to do it.” 

Combs added that a number of church members have been concerned about the grief and loss that members of the Santa Clarita community have been experiencing. According to Combs, the Grief Recovery Method is what he considers the solution.   

According to Combs, the Grief Recovery Method is a specific program designed to help individuals recover from grief.  Combs said the program is a method — a step-by-step process — to recover from a loss, and each attendee will be guided through the process during this program.   

Combs described the GRM program as an action-based program that involves reading and writing assignments outlined in a book the leader uses during the class.  

“You do not just sit and listen to a lecture on grief,” Combs said in the release. “You are an active participant.”   

Combs said participants must be willing to stay and work on their grief throughout the entire eight weeks. He described it as a building process in understanding grief and working through it. 

The eight-week program costs $25 per person for books and materials.  

“First Pres will help people who cannot pay $25 for the program,” Combs said.  “We did not want people to be left out because they could not afford the cost.  This will be a gift from our church to our community. We want everyone who needs this program to come.” 

For additional information and to sign up for the class, contact the First Presbyterian Church office at 661-259-0555.  

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