Multiple options on the table for next Hart district superintendent 

The sign in front of the William S. Hart Union High School District administrative office. Katherine Quezada/The Signal
The sign in front of the William S. Hart Union High School District administrative office. Katherine Quezada/The Signal

Rather than choosing one path, the William S. Hart Union High School District governing board is choosing to explore all options as the district searches for its next superintendent. 

Mike Kuhlman announced last week that he would be leaving his post as the head of the district effective June 30. According to the tentative timeline laid out by district staff at Wednesday’s governing board meeting, the new superintendent is expected to be chosen on July 17. The search firm tasked with finding potential applicants is set to be chosen by the board at its next meeting on April 17, followed by a three-month, or longer, search process. 

Until then, the district will be looking at candidates to fill the position from both within the district and externally using a search firm. The latter will cost the district $25,000, an expenditure that was approved by the board on Wednesday. 

Prior to that vote taking place, multiple members of the public voiced their support for Kuhlman, who is set to take over as the superintendent of the El Dorado Union School District in Northern California. 

“What a loss to this district and to this valley it’ll be with you gone,” resident Glenda Yakel said. “But your new position is extremely lucky to have you. I hope that everyone appreciates what a wonderful job he has done and I hope that we have something coming up for you as you leave us.” 

Rebecca Hindman thanked Kuhlman for his leadership following the 2019 Saugus High School shooting that left three students dead, including the shooter, and two more injured. 

“His growth as a leader has been tremendous and will be missed,” Hindman said. 

She added that bringing in someone from outside the district could be beneficial. 

“We can find someone who doesn’t have an instant target on their back for local issues,” Hindman said. “We can find someone who has experience with a large district of up to 20,000-plus (students) and a background that is experienced in today’s challenges, such as campus safety — especially since we have had a school shooting — bullying, inclusive education for all, keeping our district’s standing to help enhance our students’ ability to be eligible for all educational opportunities.” 

Also thanking Kuhlman, Diane Zimmerman wanted the district to make sure that the search firm the district chooses has knowledge of what the district is looking for. 

“As far as replacing you, I don’t consider that you can be replaced, but someone could be (the right choice),” Zimmerman said. “If you’re going to go all over, please, the company you hire to look for these people or to look for any superintendent, please check out the company you hire very carefully before you go hiring a company to go investigating all around.” 

Board member Cherise Moore adjourned the meeting in Kuhlman’s honor. 

“I think most of us didn’t get to join in on this, the, ‘We will miss you’ pieces, because we’re still all in a little bit of shock and we don’t want to really admit it and acknowledge it’s really happening,” Moore said. “But know that you will be missed.” 

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