Reports show domestic violence-related deaths are on the rise in the state of Colorado


Estimates made by the World Health Organization show that roughly one in three women has been subjected to either physical or sexual violence. They are most often victimized by an intimate partner, with nearly one-third of women aged 15 to 49 reporting that an intimate partner has abused them. Violence against women is preventable, but it takes community knowledge and mobilization, empowering women to discuss and share their experiences, learning about the dangers of inaction and creating spaces that can shelter the victims in order to make an actual difference. All of this isn’t achieved in a day and takes consistent community effort over several years. 

And while data shows that there has been progress over the years and that the incidence of domestic violence has been steadily decreasing in about 90% of countries all over the globe, the trend is not the same all over. There’s also regional differences to account for. For instance, in the United States, domestic violence rates went down between 1993 and 2014, after which the number of women killed by their partners began to rise, while that of men killed as a result of domestic violence declined. As of 2024, violence patterns continue to worry activists. 

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All-time high 

According to a report released at the end of 2023, the number of deaths associated with domestic violence has been rising in Colorado. This worrying tendency is nothing new, as it was the second year in a row when the figures were reported. The report discovered that ninety-four individuals had died as a result of domestic violence incidents in 2022, including thirty-nine people killed by either current or former partners. There were also over twenty collateral victims, including six children and two officers who responded to domestic violence calls. 

If you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence you should know that you have the option to defend yourself against these allegations. You have the right to work with a legal expert who can handle your case carefully and professionally so that your life can return to normal. The recent report also showed that the number of deaths attributed to domestic violence was approximately one and a half times higher compared to 2017. But the board also believes that the numbers may also reflect societal change and show that the doctors and law enforcement departments have become better equipped to recognize domestic violence fatalities. 

However, further awareness is necessary, and efforts must remain consistent so that the number of victims can be reduced to zero. 

The victims 

Victims of domestic violence often share impactful tales about their own experiences in order to promote a better understanding of the dynamics that lead to the often fatal events. Sharing these experiences is vital for anyone who might be in the same situation and not recognize it. It is unfortunately common for abuse victims to minimize the extent of what they’re going through based on the flawed belief that it could be worse. But left unchecked, the abuse will often spiral out of control and become more intense with time. In many cases, victims are left with debilitating injuries which require complex medical treatments. 

In most cases, the perpetrators are convicted for their crimes, with some found guilty of attempted murder of the first degree. The impact of domestic violence on survivors is multifaceted, with many struggling with self-destructive and excessively self-critical thoughts and emotions. Many victims deal with mental health issues, even after escaping the abusive environment, including anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. Emotional numbing, disassociation and having difficulties with emotional regulation are also common among victims. 

Very often, victims feel that they are powerless to break the cycle of abuse and change their situation in any way. Some can also normalize the abuse, leading to a situation in which all future partners display abusive tendencies as well. 

The resources 

According to analysis, domestic violence is a gendered crime, with 97% of the victims being women and 95% of the perpetrators being male. That naturally does not mean that men are never victims and do not require the same support. A growing nonprofit organization in Colorado Springs has been offering assistance to victims, helping them regain control of their lives by assisting them in ditching substance abuse, finding permanent housing and getting their finances in order. NGOs are aware of the fact that every journey looks different and that survivors need help rebuilding their lives. 

Very often, it is just a matter of being encouraged to move forward and empowered to be proactive in reaching success and creating a new path for themselves. However, the organizations are also aware of the importance of community and a robust support system during recovery that can assist the victims every step of the way. NGOs also work tirelessly to remove victims from situations of immediate danger in which their lives are at immediate risk. There has been an increase in incidence as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as well, as pressure mounted and the victims couldn’t escape the aggressors as there was often no choice but to share the same household. 

An overview 

In 2019, Colorado passed the Red Flag law that allows either law enforcement officers or family members to request the confiscation of firearms for people who pose a potential threat to others. In 2022, the law came back into focus following the attack and mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, during which several people lost their lives and many more were injured. Many activists have begun to wonder if the authorities are using the law accurately and as often as it would be necessary. 

Victims must remember that they are not alone, and that there are people out there, including social workers, law enforcement and experts, as well as medical professionals, that can help them. Getting out of this situation can seem impossible, and those dealing with it can quickly sink into guilt and blame themselves, which is why it’s important that the survivors have unhindered access to mental health resources that can help them navigate the recovery process. 

There must also be an emphasis on the fact that being a victim doesn’t equate to being trapped and having no way out and that, with adequate support, healing is possible. 

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