Supervisors to look at Stevenson Ranch property tax 

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The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is set to hear a report at Tuesday’s meeting from the Department of Public Works regarding the levying of a tax for Stevenson Ranch properties for a stormwater runoff treatment system. 

The annual tax would help in “providing funds for the operation and maintenance of a runoff treatment system,” Mark Pestrella, director of Public Works, wrote in a letter to the board. Stevenson Ranch would be designated as Drainage Benefit Assessment Area No. 36 for the purposes of the project. 

The total annual cost of the project is set to be $10,680, with roughly $8,400 of that coming from the annual tax and another $2,260 from special funds earmarked for projects such as this. The cost could rise in future years due to inflation. 

Should the board follow through on the proposal, property owners in the assessment area should expect to receive a ballot within 45 days of a future public meeting to indicate their support or opposition to the proposed tax. 

According to Pestrella, no tax would be imposed on a property that exceeds the reasonable cost of the service being provided to that property. 

The project would be exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act due to the proposal having the operating expenses being taken from the tax. 

The report on the project was prepared by Sikand Engineering. 

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