World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery: Guide of Gnomeregan The New 10-player Raid


Gnomeregan has been redesigned into a 10-player raid encounter, with five previous bosses returning with new mechanics and a new sixth boss introduced. Apart from dealing with the bosses, players must also overcome new environmental elements to obtain new level 40 gear, class sets, and a new global buff.
Additionally, there’s a new profession questline in the raid that will grant you the ability to make some of the twenty new recipes featured in Phase 2. By completing this chain, you can earn WoW SoD gold, thus, making your game as comfy as possible. To make this mission easier to achieve, we have made this post for you. Keep reading to find out about all of the boss’s mechanics and techniques, as well as how to defeat them.


At the start of the fight, you should lead the Troggs into the Poison Clouds. After a few waves, Grubbis and Chomper, his basilisk pet, spawn. Also, everyone with an interrupt needs to pay close attention to Chomper’s casts so they can kick the Petrify cast. If they don’t, the only tank will lose the agro of both bosses. If you want to focus on the boss and avoid the adds or clouds for uptime, you can, but it’s not a good idea for most raids. Nature Protection Potion should be used during the last phase. This will help during the first clear or two if the group isn’t sure of their damage and healing output, as it will lower some of the damage taken and then the mana used to heal them.

Viscous Fallout

The basic mechanic that keeps repeating while encountering this boss is his Sludge ability. When you step on it, he will drop pools of poisonous slime that hurt and slow you down. Healers will have a much easier time if the boss is moved out of these.

Sometimes the Viscous Fallout boss will also spawn three Irradiated Goo that will run towards the dead Desiccated Fallout. You must defeat them before they reach the corpses, or they will respawn the Desiccated Fallout and deal huge damage to the whole raid. To make this easier, move the boss farther away from the Desiccated Fallout bodies at first. This will give you more time to defeat the Irradiated Goo. 

Electrocutioner 6000

The main mechanic of this fight is Static Arc, a chain lighting ability that hits three players. These players are buffed and can’t be hit by it again for two turns in a row, or the 500% damage increase will result in their death. The best way to deal with it is to have two groups move in and out of range of the boss to soak every other Static Arc. 

Next, the boss uses a powerful Magnetic Pulse. A target of this skill must move to a place or a spot that has already been chosen so that it doesn’t hurt other players. Just keep in mind that if a player is targeted, they should never be farther away from the boss than the group. If they are, they will be targeted instead, which could eliminate the characters with the debuff who are standing near the boss.

Crowd Pummeler 9-60

The boss will first use Gear Toss to throw two gears onto the floor, which you must avoid as they move in a straight line through the boss area. The boss will sometimes do a frontal Gnomeregan Smash, which hits a player with a big projectile that most likely kills them when falling. This is easy to avoid by looking at the boss’s feet to see which way his upper body is facing.

The boss will also be able to cast The Claw! near the end of the fight (30%), which will pick a random player, dash to grab them and deal a lot of damage. Healers should pay attention to this and make sure that the player stays alive through the damage and the follow-up.

Mechanical Menagerie

There are four bosses in this encounter: chicken, sheep, squirrel, and whelp. Fighting the squirrel, chicken, and raid group requires two tanks. A tank on the chicken, which deals the greatest damage, and another tank on the whelp and squirrel to distribute damage evenly between the two. A tank on the whelp allows for easier management of the Sprocketfire Breath ability, while the main tank holds both the chicken and the squirrel. Instead of tanking, the sheep targets a player and slowly approaches them.

The DPS should strive to harm the bosses roughly evenly, but keep in mind which boss the whelp applies to. Overheat increases the target’s damage by 25% while the buff is active, making it easier to focus while it’s up.

Mekgineer Thermaplugg

The battle with this boss takes place in 4 stages. Each phase ends when the boss’s HP is down to 50%. During the initial phase, the fire boss will stack Sprocketfire on the tank with either Furnace Surge, Sprocketfire Punch, or Incendiary Bombs, and on the raid with the latter two. 

The frost boss will use Frost Bomb and Coolant Discharge to freeze the raid during the second phase, and Supercooled Smash will freeze the tank.

During the third phase, the nature boss will stack Radiation Sickness on the group and the tank using Radioactive Bomb and Hazardous Hammer, respectively.

During the last phase, STX-99/XD will have all of the above abilities. This may look chaotic, but it makes each mechanic a little easier to deal with since none of the three stacks will be a big deal as long as you keep dealing with the bombs and remember the last basic mechanic.


Prepare for an immersive raiding experience and reap the rewards of Gnomeregan’s new 10-player adventure. Keep in mind  the boss’s mechanics and techniques as you deal with them in the raid.

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