How to Give Yourself a Knife in CS2? 


Skins for knives are quite an expensive pleasure in the world of Counter Strike 2. Players who can afford it dream of and literally monitor the appearance of expensive and rare items on marketplaces. More practical and pragmatic players are looking for the most budget-friendly options for knife skins, which, at the same time, should be convenient and functional to use. This article written by k1nd3r is dedicated to the topic of issuing knives in CS2. You can also learn more about b1t or Swisher CS2 pro player settings, including inventory and earnings on the Profilerr service. 

Cheats to Give Yourself a Knife in CS 2 

How to give a knife to yourself in CS 2? To do this you will have to use cheats. Of course, not everyone knows what commands need to be written to use the most premium knives in CS2. However, we will tell you about all the codes so that you can immerse yourself in this unique experience. 

First, let’s look at the advantages of cheats for knives. Using special codes, you can not only give out a knife to yourself. You can also give knives to friends. There is also a command for this: the knife must be thrown to the ground. You can play with a knife obtained using a cheat code. This is a big plus as it opens up great opportunities to try out a skin before purchasing it. If not, then the player simply has a unique chance to test the rarest and most expensive skins. 

Where Can a Player Give a Knife to Himself And His Friends? 

Fortunately or unfortunately, weapons can only be obtained using cheats within a local server or on a training game map. But even here you can actively test all the capabilities of the desired item. And in general, this is a good way to have fun and experience all the gaming variety. 

How to Activate Cheat Mode sv_cheats 1?? 

To give a knife to yourself or a friend, you first need to activate the mode in which the cheats will be valid. As mentioned earlier, using cheats to issue any knife in CS 2 is only allowed on a local server or in training mode. 

Therefore, before using cheats, you need to create your own local server, or you can join a ready-made server that allows the use of cheats. Then you need to open the developer console and enter the command: sv_cheats 1 or sv_cheats true. Choose one of the two. You can disable this mode using the sv_cheats 0 command. 

How to Issue a Knife Through The Console? 

Before issuing a knife, you need to open the developer console and activate the commands: sv_cheats 1 and mp_drop_knife_enable 1. This must be done one by one. 

If the instructions are followed correctly, then you can reset your knife with the “G” command. By picking up this knife again, the desired model will be in its place. 

This way you can get any knife. We will provide codes that will help you get other copies. 

How to Open The Developer Console In CS2? 

To use the previous recommendations, you need to open the developer console. However, not everyone knows how to do this correctly. If you are a new Counter-Strike 2 player, then it will be useful for you to know how to open the developer console. 

And so, to activate the developer console you need to go into the game and follow these steps: 

  • open the “Settings” tab; 
  • click on the “Game” tab; 
  • click “Yes” in the “Enable Developer Console” option; 

After following these instructions, the developer console will open using the “~” sign. 

What Should a Player Do to Ensure That The Commands Do not Get Confused When Starting CS2 Again? 

Sometimes after entering a command into the developer console, the settings are lost. This is normal and we will tell you how to deal with this annoying nuance. In order not to reconfigure the console every time you enter the game again, you just need to use the autoexec.cfg file. 

Such a file makes it possible to save scripts, binds, and commands in place. When you enter the game, they will automatically load themselves. So let’s learn how to create an autoexec.cfg file. 

First, you need to find the folder with CS 2 configs for your computer. This can be done through the STEAM library. 

After, right-click on the Counter-Strike 2 icon – select “Manage” – then go to the “View local files” section. 

Enter the directories “game” – “cs2” – “cfg”. Inside the “cfg” folder, create a text document and name it autoexec.cfg. It is important to make sure that the file extension is .cfg and not .txt. 

You now have a file into which you can add your most commonly used commands. To have it automatically load when you start CS 2, make the change by adding +exec autoexec.cfg to the game launch options: 

  • In your Steam library, right-click Counter-Strike 2 and select Properties. 
  • Go to the General tab. 
  • Scroll down to the Launch Options field. 

These simple but effective manipulations will allow you to customize your game according to your preferences. 

How to Give Yourself a Butterfly Knife Or Other Knives in CS2? 

So, what do you need to do to get the knife model you want? To do this, you need to enter the command in the console: ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”, where “classname weapon_knifegg” is the name of the desired knife. 

Cheat codes for all knives in CS2: 

  • Standard counter-terrorist knife – give weapon_knife_ct; 
  • Standard terrorist knife – give weapon_knife_t; 
  • Bayonet – give weapon_bayonet; 
  • Folding knife – give weapon_knife_flip; 
  • Karambit – give weapon_knife_karambit; 
  • Bayonet knife M9 – give weapon_knife_m9_bayonet; 
  • Hunting knife – give weapon_knife_tactical; 
  • Butterfly knife – give weapon_knife_butterfly; 
  • Claw – give weapon_knife_widowmaker; 
  • Falchion knife – give weapon_knife_falchion; 
  • Golden knife – give weapon_knifegg; 
  • Knife with a hook blade – give weapon_knife_gut; 
  • Bowie knife – give weapon_knife_survival_bowie; 
  • Poke – give weapon_knife_push; 
  • Stiletto – give weapon_knife_stiletto; 
  • Navaja – give weapon_knife_gypsy_jackknife; 
  • Classic knife CS 1.6 – give weapon_knife_css; 
  • Skeleton knife – give weapon_knife_skeleton; 
  • Outdoor knife – give weapon_knife_outdoor; 
  • Survival knife – give weapon_knife_canis; 
  • Ursus knife – give weapon_knife_ursus; 
  • Paracord knife – give weapon_knife_cord. 

Final Thoughts 

Counter-Strike 2 is a unique multiplayer game. Each player can find an endless amount of varied content – from a wide variety of weapons and skins to all sorts of tricks to improve their own gaming experience. We also recommend using the Profilerr service with a lot of useful services that will allow you to achieve the same results as the legendary pro player s1mple from Navi. The service is available around the clock wherever you are – in Chicago, Montreal, or Luxembourg. 

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