One App to Rule Them All: How to Unite All Messengers in One


If you are a brand owner or a marketer at a B2C (or even B2B) company, you know this firsthand: today, digital communication channels play a crucial role in establishing meaningful connections with an audience. We all use platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Instagram on a daily basis, and an active brand presence there can often be one of the deciding factors in purchasing decisions or building long-term trust. 

However, with so many channels available, it is no easy task for a business to manage them all effectively and provide a consistent and convenient texting experience for customers. Let us take a look at how this can be done with so-called multi-chat apps, using Umnico as an example of such a software solution. 

Combining all messengers in one made easy  

Umnico is an omnichannel messaging platform that allows users to integrate all popular messengers into a single web interface or smartphone app. The solution simplifies communication by combining the majority of popular messaging platforms into a single, easy-to-use interface, streamlining interactions and improving efficiency.  

With Umnico, over 25 integrations with instant messaging and social media platforms are available. This means that a company can seamlessly handle customer inquiries on WhatsApp, follow up on leads via Facebook Messenger, and moderate group chats on Telegram — all from one intuitive interface, without having to switch between tabs or apps constantly. 

A multi-messenger tool benefits companies across all industries. Retailers and e-commerce platforms can streamline their processing of customer inquiries and orders; healthcare providers can make scheduling appointments and consultations more accessible; while personal trainers and educational institutions can enhance their online classes and communicate with students more effectively.  

If talking about Umnico in particular, the platform also comes with a free live chat widget for a website. Not only does it give a company’s website visitors an easy way to contact sales or support without picking up the phone or switching to a messenger, but it also opens up new opportunities for the business. The live chat widget provides real-time details about the people browsing the site and allows agents to reach out to them first. Finally, a dialog started in the widget can be resumed later in a messenger of the client’s choice, and no details of previous interactions are lost. 

In addition, Umnico’s smartphone apps for iOS and Android provide seamless connectivity, allowing users to manage multiple messengers conveniently on the go. Whether at their desk in the office or on the road, the mobile app allows support agents, sales reps, and their managers to stay connected and engaged with customers. 


For businesses, using a chat app that combines all messengers in one means improved customer service, increased engagement, and more opportunities to convert leads. With its rich functionality and commitment to a seamless communication experience, Umnico is a compelling choice for anyone looking to centralize their digital interactions effectively. All key functionality of the platform can be tested for free during a trial period that requires no financial commitment. 

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