Sand Canyon mom takes plea in weapons charge 

San Fernando Superior Courthouse. Courtesy
San Fernando Superior Courthouse. Courtesy

A 35-year-old Sand Canyon mother pleaded no contest to carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle after two local girls reported being threatened outside a frozen yogurt shop in Canyon Country. 

Alicia Allen was sentenced to one day in jail and one year of probation, in which she had a number of conditions imposed on her, including that she enroll in a gun-safety course, stay away from the victims, and be prohibited from possessing a deadly or dangerous weapon. She also was ordered to complete community service, according to L.A. County Superior Court records available online.  

Allen had just picked up her daughter from school when she parked a white Porsche Cayenne next to a girl who was picking up her younger sibling from Sierra Vista Junior High, according to court documents. 

After the passenger in the other vehicle recognized Allen’s daughter as a girl she had fought with at school, she and her sister began to leave the parking lot, according to court records. 

The victim reported to officials that Allen followed them in her vehicle through the parking lot, and after parking in front of a nearby UPS Store, Allen pulled up next to the victims’ vehicle and began a verbal altercation, according to court documents that discuss the incident. 

Allen challenged the victim to a fight, and as the victim was about to exit her vehicle, Allen pulled a black handgun from her glovebox and pointed it at the victims, according to statements made to investigators. 

“After the suspect pointed the gun at the two of them, she began to wave it around and yelled ‘about that life,’” according to a search warrant request seeking possession of Allen’s registered firearms. 

She’s due back in court April 26 to show proof of course enrollment. 

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