Best Brawl Stars Brawlers For Every Game Mode


Brawl Stars is by far one of the most popular games around at the moment. This is, in part, down to the wealth of game modes it has. If you’re looking to get into Brawl Stars, then it may be worth picking up a Brawl Stars account for sale since you’ll need a ton of brawlers if you want to play the game well. 

In this post, we’ll look at the top brawler in each game mode i.e. the one you really want to be playing with in Brawl Stars. There’s way more Brawl Stars Brawlers that can work for each mode, but this is a great place to start.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]In addition, in order to strengthen your brawl stars characters and make each of them the strongest, you also need a lot of brawl stars gems, so go and buy brawl stars gems is an easy choice! 

Gem Grab 

Gem Grab needs a fast hero, and for that you’ll need to pull in something like Fang. He is one of the fastest heroes in the game. While he doesn’t have the greatest range from his hits, he’ll be in and out with the gem before anybody spots him. He even gets a cool shield, which should help him to run away from most encounters with the enemy. 

Solo Showdown 

Shelly works well for a solo showdown since she is fast, but also does decent damage. While her health isn’t the greatest in the world, if she can sneak up on one of her enemies and get a shotgun blast off, they’ll be writhing around in agony before they spot anything. She can even heal herself when she is below 40% health, which negates the need for a support brawler to keep her topped up. 

Duo Showdown 

Byron works well in a duo showdown since he not only boasts high damage output, but he is a dab hand at the healing too. Pair him up with a tank brawler, or another with high damage, and the two of you will be nigh on unstoppable in a duo showdown.  

Brawl Ball 

Honestly, Byron is one of the better brawlers if you want to dive into brawl ball too. Fast, good at healing, and high damage. Trust us – just about everybody will love that you bring Byron along onto the team. He isn’t even a difficult hero to play, especially once you’ve ranked him up a bit. 


Lola is one of the best ranged heroes. She has a moderate damage output, but she has a sort of ‘blast radius’ from the gems that she fires, which can hit a few targets at once. The damage is fairly predictable too, which is always good when you’re in the thick of a brawl. Her first gadget will allow her to self-heal, and switch positions on the map, which comes in very handy at times. 

Hot Zone 

Fang is also fantastic for hot zone. Since you’re going to be darting all around the map hoping to capture the hot zones, you’ll need a fast brawler to do that. As we said right at the start – you’re not going to find a faster brawler than Fang in this game.  


Sandy is one of the best bounty characters. His super can cloak his allies, protecting them from the enemy. While he doesn’t put out a huge amount of damage, he has a surprisingly high amount of health, which goes a long way. He can also heal, plus do a bit of blast damage once he unlocks enough star power. 


We’ll have to choose Grom for knockout. While he has very low health, this is countered by a very high amount of damage. He does ranged damage, which also has a blast radius. This means that you should have no issues taking out a couple of brawlers at once when you’ve got Grom geared up. He even has a special that allows him to throw even more bombs at once, how cool is that? 


Byron is making another return for Wipeout. If you don’t know Byron, then read above. You’ll learn a bit more about the skills he boasts, and it’ll be very easy to see why he is a great shout for a wipeout player. 


Jacky pumps out a lot of consistent power. She can even charge her super every time an enemy hits her, which means it won’t be long before the payload player is throwing out some very high-powered attacks. Her super will pull in enemies from a rather large radius, which should make them dead simple to attack for your team. She can even reflect a bit of damage that she takes, doing some additional damage to the enemies that hit her. 


Stu has low health, but very high burst damage. This means that alongside the right partner, he is the best for duos. Pair him up with a character with good support, and Stu will be owning all the enemies that get in his way. We’ve seen Stu appear a lot in duel mode, which goes to show how good he is. It seems that no matter how much the meta changes, Stu always remains a top, top brawler. 

Basket Brawl 

We’re back to recommending Fang here. When you are playing basket brawl, you need a quality, fast brawler that can both take and deal some damage, and you get that with Fang. Sure, he is nowhere near the most powerful brawler in the game, but we rarely ever touch another brawler when we’re diving into a game of basket brawl. He is just that good. 

Remember – it’ll take a while to unlock all the brawlers in the game, and even longer to get them to the power level where they’re actually worth playing with. This is why it is highly recommended that you buy Brawl Stars gems at You’ll save a lot of time in the game, plus you’ll be buying them from one of the most reputable and affordable Brawl Stars gem sales companies in the business! 

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