Introducing Eagle Claw Fasteners’ Revolutionary Deck Screw Collection 


Powell, TN – Allen’s Trading Company LLC. Eagle Claw Fasteners, an esteemed provider of innovative fastening solutions, announces its groundbreaking deck screw line, specifically engineered for optimal performance and longevity across various outdoor wooden constructions. This comprehensive assortment includes marine-grade, Torx drive, type 17 point, and countersinking nibs, highlighting Eagle Claw Fasteners’ dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovation.

Discover the extensive range of 304 and 316-grade stainless steel deck screws tailored for specific applications such as decks, docks, fencing, and outdoor furniture assembly. These robust and corrosion-resistant fasteners guarantee enduring protection against extreme weather conditions and saltwater exposure, setting a new standard in the industry. 

At Eagle Claw Fasteners, meticulous attention to detail ensures each component contributes to driving efficiency and cost savings. Amongst numerous advancements, discover unique elements including Torx drive heads, optimized thread patterns, and specialized points contributing to faster installation processes without compromising structural integrity. Explore the complete array of deck screws offered in varying dimensions, catering to every requirement within the realm of deck building

Experience the benefits of Eagle Claw Fasteners’ deck screws firsthand: 

• Reliable Performance: Engineered for maximum holding power and dependable withdrawal resistance, our deck screws surpass expectations when it comes to securing vital components. 

• Exceptional Corrosion Resistance: Designed for extended lifespans, Eagle Claw Fasteners’ deck screws exhibit remarkable tolerance towards environmental stressors and chemical agents, minimizing deterioration risks. 

• Streamlined Installation Process: Exclusive design aspects enable effortless insertion, reducing fatigue during larger projects and enhancing overall workflow productivity. 

• Compatibility Across Applications: From constructing pergolas and gazebos to repairing garden beds and trellises, Eagle Claw Fasteners delivers adaptable solutions suited for any task requiring outdoor wooden fixings. 

Select from the following popular choices among consumers and trade professionals alike: 

• #8 x 1-3/4” (304 Grade Stainless Steel): A compact yet powerful option, fitting perfectly for lightweight tasks demanding precision and finesse. 

• #10 x 2” (304 Grade Stainless Steel): Ideal for medium-duty assignments needing increased tensile strength whilst preserving ease-of-use characteristics. 

• #10 x 2-1/2” & #10 x 3” (304 and 316 Grades Stainless Steel): Robust alternatives accommodating heavy-load scenarios, exemplified through enhanced grip and unwavering hold throughout challenging contexts. 

• #10 x 3-1/2” (304 Grade Stainless Steel): Perfect solution for substantial undertakings necessitating ultimate rigidity alongside comprehensive coverage. 

Embrace the future of deck screw technology today, trust Eagle Claw Fasteners’ revolutionary deck screw collection for unparalleled reliability and convenience. To learn more about Eagle Claw Fasteners and browse our entire inventory of premium deck screws, please visit our website. Stay updated with the latest news, product launches, and limited time offers by signing up for our mailing list. 

Contact Information: 

Phone: +1 (865) 309-3800 

Email: [email protected] 

Address: 7669 Clinton Highway, Powell, Tennessee, USA 

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