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Local author Sean O’Brien is releasing “Beltrunner II: Aftermath,” the second book in his “Beltrunner” series. 

O’Brien is a local writer, teacher and coach who has written several science-fiction novels. This is his first sequel.  

According to O’Brien’s summary of the book: “Asteroid belt miner Collier South has hit the nadir of existence. Once a beacon of idealism in the cold, unforgiving expanse of space, he’s lost everything: the love of his life, an alien artifact that had promised great change, and his irreplaceable companion, Sancho, the sentient ship’s computer. In the aftermath of tragedy, Collier finds himself at a crossroads — haunted by the specters of his past and the vast, uncharted territories of space that call to him once more.” 

“Beltrunner II: Aftermath” is available in e-book form and the print version is scheduled to be available on Aug. 6.  

The first book in the series, “Beltrunner,” is available in electronic, print and audiobook formats. 

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