Ways to Maximize Your Atlanta Personal Injury Settlement



Many people understand they can file a claim for compensation. But do you know that many personal injury cases end outside the court? These are simply out-of-court agreements between the victims and liable parties to cover expenses and damages related to the incident. 

However, the settlement amount available can vary massively from one case to another. Lawyers and insurers need to consider various key factors to reach and agree on a reasonable figure. You need to work closely with an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer. An experienced lawyer usually boasts decades of experience negotiating reasonable settlements for personal injury victims. 

Knowledgeable Atlanta attorneys understand how to get more money from a personal injury case settlement. They’ll negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive a reasonable amount that covers all your damages. Read further to know some proven ways to get the best out of your Atlanta personal injury claim. 

Seek Medical Treatment Promptly 

You need to receive adequate and prompt medical attention. This is important for your recovery and a massive boost in your search for just compensation. If you receive the right treatment for your personal injuries, the medical records from the provider will correctly and accurately describe and reflect your damages. These medical records will help link your personal injuries to the incident. With these records, you have a starting point for valuing your claim. 

What will happen if you fail to get medical attention promptly? The at-fault party’s insurer is most likely to argue that you were not injured seriously. The insurer can even take the stance that there’s no proof of the incident causing those damages. To devalue your personal injury case, they’ll use the fact that you didn’t look for prompt or proper medication. 

Remember that many injuries that people sustain, don’t show their symptoms until several hours later after. This is when the adrenaline of being involved in an incident has worn off. Once released from the medical facility, follow up with your primary care medical expert. 

Contact Law Enforcement and Exchange Information 

It’s important to report the incident to the local police. This is a massive step to take as it allows you to safeguard your legal rights and physical health. Law enforcement experts understand how to handle emergencies. 

These professionals have the capability to investigate the incident and prepare an official report, which can be valuable evidence during your settlement negotiations. It’s possible to face stiff penalties if you fail to report the incident. It’s always best to report the incident irrespective of the nature of the injuries. 

Once you report the incident, check on all the individuals involved in the accident. If police officers are available, they can help you handle seriously injured victims. If other individuals are available, such as car drivers or property owners. The information you can exchange includes things like insurance coverage, name, phone number, license plate number, and more. 

Don’t admit fault. Avoid discussing the cause of the incident or speculate on who is to blame. You might be held responsible if you imply that you’re at fault. If the at-fault parties aren’t willing to share their information, law enforcement officers will help you collect it effortlessly. 

Document the Incident 

In addition to the police report, you also need to have more documents. Also, you need to be keen on those police reports. Some of them aren’t filled out completely. That means they’ve got inaccurate or incomplete information. 

Due to this discrepancy, you need to collect additional information yourself. If possible, take video/photos of the incident scene, injuries, and property damage. Images and videos will play a significant role in proving your Atlanta personal injury case. 

Continue Treatment Until You’ve Fully Recovered 

As you continue with your recovery, make sure that your medical expert helps you identify all symptoms related to your injuries. Continue receiving high-quality treatment until your body attains its maximum medical improvement. So, what does this mean? Follow the instructions of your health expert and ensure that you’re receiving the right medication for your symptoms until you recover. 

In most cases, medical experts focus on more problematic or worse conditions. This can result in incomplete medical records and treatments. Your insurance company may base on these incomplete records to pay what you don’t deserve. Make sure that each of your symptoms are diagnosed and completely treated. 

Do Not Rely Solely on Pain Pills 

With the addiction and health problems associated with pain pills, it’s vital to not depend only on these as the main treatment for your injuries. Apart from the obvious side effects and health risks that pain pills pose, using them as your primary treatment method isn’t excellent for your personal injury claim. 

Insurers and judges have a tendency to devalue your personal injury claim when they discover that you are only treating your injuries with pain medication. This shows that your injuries weren’t really serious. The best way is to look for treatment via physical therapy, surgery, and injections. Only get these treatments if they’re necessary. Your medical expert should also recommend them. 

Work with a Veteran Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer 

Find an experienced personal injury attorney and lock in numerous benefits. Most personal injury claims settle before trial. That means you can easily accept a settlement offer that doesn’t reflect all of your damages and injuries. The biggest factor in receiving the highest personal injury case settlement is having a knowledgeable lawyer. 

An experienced lawyer usually understands the ins and outs of the personal injury field and can professionally prepare you for a trial. The personal injury process can be complex, long, and drawn out. Insurers sometimes offer low-end settlements until the plaintiff threatens them with a lawsuit. 

Personal injury attorneys perform many vital tasks on your behalf, ensuring you concentrate on your recovery. They can collect and preserve evidence, provide professional guidance, and deal with insurers. When you partner with an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer and strictly follow the steps provided above, you’ll maximize your chances of receiving fair compensation. 

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