Moving to Kent, WA: What To Know 


Kent, WA, nestled between Seattle and Tacoma, offers a suburban feel with vibrant community life and robust economic opportunities.  

If you’re considering moving to Kent, WA, understanding the city’s essentials—from the cost of living to its cultural vibe—is crucial. This guide will help you discover why many are making Kent their new home. 

Living Costs in Kent, WA 

Living in Kent, WA can be quite costly, with the overall cost of living being significantly higher than both the national and state averages.  

Housing is one of the most substantial expenses in the area. The average home price in Kent is about $601,330, which is considerably higher compared to the national average. Renting also comes at a premium, with the average monthly rent for an apartment around $1,858. 

Additionally, daily expenses in Kent reflect the city’s high cost of living. Utility bills, for instance, average about $175.38 per month, while basic grocery items like a gallon of milk or a dozen eggs cost approximately $4.85 and $4.43, respectively.  

When considering transportation costs, residents face prices like $4.39 per gallon of gasoline. Even though Kent offers a variety of amenities and a robust job market, these costs can pose a challenge for many residents, particularly those on a fixed income or those moving from regions with a lower cost of living. 

Employment Opportunities in Kent, WA 

Kent, WA offers a diverse range of employment opportunities across various sectors, reflecting its vibrant local economy. The city is home to several large employers and industries, including aerospace, with Boeing being a significant presence.  

Additionally, there is a considerable number of jobs available in the healthcare, manufacturing, and service sectors. The city of Kent itself is actively hiring, with positions ranging from police officers to park operations laborers and civil engineering designers.  

This indicates a healthy job market with opportunities for various skill sets and career levels. 

Express Employment Professionals, a staffing agency in Kent, further highlights the breadth of opportunities available.  

They list positions such as CNC machinists, commercial drivers, and skilled industrial maintenance mechanics, with competitive wages reflecting the demand for skilled labor in the area.  

The agency also helps in connecting job seekers with suitable positions, ensuring that individuals’ skills and career goals align with the needs of local businesses.  

These resources illustrate Kent’s robust job market and its capacity to support a growing workforce, making it an attractive location for both job seekers and businesses. 

Kent’s Educational System 

Kent, WA boasts a robust educational system managed by the Kent School District, which is one of the largest in the state with a student population of approximately 25,586 across various grades from PK to 12.  

The district offers a diverse range of educational programs including Advanced Placement, Career and Technical Education, and dual language options, ensuring comprehensive educational opportunities for students from all backgrounds.  

The student-to-teacher ratio stands at a favorable 17 to 1, which helps in providing personalized attention and support. 

Despite facing a significant budget shortfall projected at $31 million due to the cessation of federal funding and increased expenditures, the Kent School District has maintained a strong focus on educational quality and staff retention.  

This financial challenge underscores the district’s ongoing commitment to balancing fiscal responsibilities with the goal of providing excellent educational services.  

The district’s financial management strategies and the community’s involvement are crucial in navigating these challenges while continuing to prioritize high educational standards and student success. 

Real Estate in Kent, WA 

The real estate market in Kent, WA, is currently quite dynamic, reflecting the broader trends seen in the Seattle metropolitan area.  

The median home price in Kent is approximately $692,500, indicating a relatively high demand for housing in this suburban city. Homes for sale range widely in price and size, catering to various budgets and family needs.  

For instance, properties can be found from smaller three-bedroom homes priced around $600,000 to more expansive five-bedroom residences exceeding $850,000. 

Kent’s real estate offerings include a mix of new constructions and older homes, providing options for those seeking modern amenities as well as more established neighborhoods.  

Newer homes, such as those in developments like Clark Lake Ridge, feature contemporary designs and conveniences like electric car charging pre-wiring.  

The market’s diversity is evident in the range of available properties, from single-family homes to townhouses, ensuring potential buyers can find something that fits their preferences and lifestyle.  

With the city’s continuous growth and the appeal of its suburban environment, Kent remains a compelling option for homebuyers looking in the greater Seattle area. 

Safety and Security 

Kent, WA faces considerable challenges in terms of safety and security, with crime rates notably higher than the national average.  

The city’s crime rate is 59 per 1,000 residents, placing it among the highest in the nation. Residents have a 1 in 17 chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime.  

Specifically, violent crimes such as assault, robbery, and rape occur at a rate of 5 per 1,000 inhabitants, while property crimes, including burglary and vehicle theft, are more prevalent, with a rate of 55 per 1,000 residents.  

Areas in the southeast part of Kent experience higher crime rates compared to the northeast, which is considered safer. 

The Kent Police Department and local community efforts are actively working to enhance safety. The city has implemented various programs and partnerships aimed at crime prevention and community safety.  

For instance, Kent benefits from services provided by companies like Cascade Fire & Security, which offer comprehensive fire and life safety solutions, and the presence of numerous private security firms that bolster overall security measures.  

Additionally, the city participates in community watch programs and engages residents in proactive safety practices to mitigate risks and improve the quality of life for all its citizens. 


Kent, WA, offers a comprehensive range of transportation options that cater to the needs of its residents and visitors.  

The city is well-served by the Sounder commuter rail, which provides efficient connections to nearby cities like Seattle and Tacoma, making it an excellent choice for daily commuters. Additionally, the King County Metro operates multiple bus routes throughout Kent, including routes 150, 160, 161, and 168, ensuring residents have reliable public transit options.  

For those who prefer more flexible transportation, services like Uber, Lyft, and Metro Flex, an on-demand ride service, are widely available.  

The city has also invested in bike lanes and sidewalks to promote alternative transportation methods, enhancing the overall accessibility and mobility within Kent. 

Hiring a professional moving company can significantly ease the relocation process if you plan on moving to Kent.  

Movers in Kent, WA not only handle the logistics of transporting your belongings but can also provide valuable insights and assistance in settling into your new community.  

With their help, you can focus on getting familiar with Kent’s extensive transportation network and exploring the city’s offerings, from its public parks to cultural events. 


Moving to Kent, WA offers a dynamic living experience with its strong job market, educational opportunities, and rich cultural life. Whether you’re drawn by its economic prospects or the natural beauty, Kent provides a compelling place to call home.  

Consider all these factors carefully to make the most informed decision about making Kent, WA, your new residence. 

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