Giving Birth in Dubai


With advancement in all things tech, the already exceptional standards of maternity healthcare in Dubai are consistently reaching new heights. Women looking to start a family in Dubai should know that they are in the hands of world-class facilities in obstetrics and gynecology. In this short piece, we will take you over the various medical services that are needed for various gynecological treatments for disorders, through the duration of pregnancy, while giving birth and for post-natal care. 

What to Expect 

There are various establishments in Dubai that go beyond offering general health services, such as having global health certifications for minimally-invasive procedures, including plastic surgery Dubai, Sculptra, and Fat Reduction surgeries, to name a few.

So, when it comes to gynecology, one of the first things you should know in the present age is that it requires far less poking, prodding and pain. Leaps in surgical technique and women’s health entail that beyond a simple ultrasound in Dubai to tell you what’s happening in your abdomen, you can opt for low-risk surgeries such as Laparoscopic, Hysteroscopic and Colposcopy surgeries.

These are low-risk, minimally invasive procedures that don’t leave unsightly scars or have long-term side effects. This new technology promptly and effectively treats endometriosis, uterine and cervical issues, fibroids and cysts without requiring the patient to be cut open down the middle or spend weeks in the hospital.

For women who fear going under the surgeon’s knife for the various risks attached to most gynecological procedure, even extremely complicated surgeries such as vaginal and abdominal surgeries now no longer require invasive procedures. Among the various establishments in Dubai, opt for one that has mastered this latest technology. 

General Care and Services

Many women are extremely hesitant to step foot in the gynecologist’s office, but it should be practiced as common as going to the dentist. To assuage some of the fear associated with gynecological procedures, it is important to be aware when a medical procedure is needed, why it is needed and how it is managed and cured.

There are some Routine gynecologic exams that women should go for every year starting at age 21. This helps identify any health issues if there are any and start treatment systems at an early age-for example, women are more prone to have bone-related issues and weaknesses such as Osteoporosis and consulting a gynecologist from a young age might save a lot of strife in later years.

Anomalies and their Treatments 

For a routine preventative exam, most gynecologists in Dubai carry out a mammography, pelvic exam, pap smears, a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound and bone densitometry to find early signs of Osteoporosis if there be any. Other general facilities also include contraceptive prescriptions and family planning, menopausal and menstrual care, treatment for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and urinary tract infections, Hormone Replacement and control therapy, Vaginal, Laparoscopic and Abdominal Hysterectomy, abdominal support and Bladder and Pelvic repairs through Urogynecology. 

The common gynecological problems women face are urinary tract infections, menstrual discomfort and pain, Uterine fibroids and polycystic ovaries. Other, albeit less common issues a gynecologist treats women for include Prolapse, Endometriosis, Mullerian Anomalies, Uterine fibroids, and Ectopic pregnancies. 

New Life and Top-Tier Healthcare 

For expecting mothers, there is nothing more important than the baby’s health, and for that, one of the most important things gynecologists offers are Fetal Medicines and care for both high and low risk pregnancies. 

This requires highly trained Obstetricians, Lactation Consultants, surgeons, Midwives to assist with monitoring the health and growth of the fetus, treating any early complications, and even preemptively treating Amy potential congenital issues in the womb before the pregnancy moves any further along. 

Prenatal care in Dubai hospitals also includes counselling for first time mothers as to nutrition, exercise and medicines, the extremely essential Nuchal Translucency Scan (Down Syndrome Screening) and the treatment and preparation for Preterm Labour, IUGR, Pre-eclampsia among other issues.

For effective family planning, Fetal care also offers Genetic Counselling services which ensure that the baby be born without any physical or mental disabilities, through a non-invasive prenatal Testing and Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS). 

You don’t necessarily need to consult the best gynecologist in Dubai, since gynecological facilities in Dubai offer a host of exceptional solutions, including Midwifery services, Antenatal and Postnatal plans, parental education and Counselling, and much more. 

In summary, if you’re giving birth in Dubai, you’re in the best of hands

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