Saugus Speedway slated for Planning Commission talk  

The Saugus Speedway sign is a well-known marker in Santa Clarita. Dan Watson/ The Signal

The city of Santa Clarita’s Planning Commission is expected to review plans later this month that would spell a new evolution for a prime plot along Soledad Canyon Road that’s hosted a rodeo, raceway and most recently a swap meet. 

The home of the Saugus Speedway in the 22500 block is being proposed for a 35-acre housing development, one of two items expected on the commission’s July agenda when it’s released July 12. 

Integral Communities is requesting the commission’s signoff on a plan for 318 homes, including 122 detached single-family condos and 196 attached townhomes, with 22 identified as affordable housing. 

The plans were originally proposed with Shadowbox Studios as a partner, which was looking at six 11,000-square-foot soundstages. 

The company has since reevaluated those plans, with The Signal reporting on June 7 that, according to multiple city officials, the studio builder’s project was dead. Shadowbox issued a statement June 21 that, in light of the current industry slowdown, the company was “proceeding cautiously with respect to its development of purpose-built sound stages in Santa Clarita.” 

Since the sound stages were scrapped, now it’s being proposed to have “an approximately 122,000-square-foot manufacturing building, in addition to a community recreation area and other on-site improvements,” according to an email from Patrick Leclair, planning manager for the city of Santa Clarita. 

The site is also next to the existing Saugus Metrolink Station. 

The next Planning Commission meeting is expected to happen at 6 p.m. June 16 at Santa Clarita City Hall in Council Chambers. 

The address is 23920 Valencia Blvd. 

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