Carl Kanowsky: The World of Pinot Noir

So, if you wanted to learn more about pinot noir, or, if you thought you knew all about California pinot, but you failed to experience The World Of Pinot Noir

Carl Kanowsky: Wines from Parker’s Napa

Following up on my last column about the Wine Advocate’s Matter of Taste held in Napa, let’s talk about some of the amazing wines poured. The Debate Winery offered three

Carl Kanowsky: Booker| Its wine and its story

So, how is the “Force of Nature,” Eric Jensen of Paso Robles’ Booker Wines, at making wines? Well, if you’re to believe what other wine critics say about him, not

Carl Kanowsky | Epoch part 2: The vino

While we were being charmed by Jordan Fiorentini of Paso Robles’ Epoch Estate Wines, she also plied us with her bottled creations. And, yes, they definitely influenced our impressions. Like

Carl Kanowsky: Epoch’s creative genius

For the Fourth of July weekend, Terry and I went to Paso Robles to visit family and to meet and taste with three of the most highly acclaimed winemakers from

Carl Kanowsky: Santa Barbara beckons Angelenos

So, this is the third in my series of, “why would you live anywhere else?” The first featured Rideau, the historic home of a guest ranch serving weary stagecoach travelers

Carl Kanowsky: Wine tasting in California

Do you have friends like these: “California is soooo expensive, and you get taxed every time you turn around. Beside that, you’ve got those wacky politicians who have lost touch