Are you the obstacle to growth for your business?

In speaking with the owner of a profitable local company, I learned that she was interested in addressing some key issues so she could return her time and attention to growing the business.

Why isn’t my revenue growing faster?

I’ve identified several reasons why your company’s revenue is flat, declining or has a growth trend that is unacceptable; use this checklist to make the needed improvements in your company.

The damage of self-inflicted wounds

CEOs at every age and every stage often make some very incorrect assumptions: The first is that employees care as much as the CEO does

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The 1 Question You Need to Ask Yourself

By Ken Keller SCVBJ Contributor Success in business is determined by how effectively the leader executes against their plans. Each January, the only question that

What must change next year?

If you are like many individuals, you are already thinking ahead to 2018. You are likely thinking that you want to have a better year

Four reflections before Christmas

It’s been an interesting month for me and I want to share it. First, and very sadly, I learned of the continuing deterioration in the

There is only one way to lead

Through the years I have been a son, brother, cousin, uncle, student, employee, supervisor, manager, director, college professor, husband, father, grandfather, neighbor, friend, best man,

Four times when risk was rewarded

More than fifty years ago, key family members who owned a business worked with an advisor to develop a growth plan to expand their manufacturing

Quit fighting and start delivering

It isn’t the prospect that kills the spirit of someone in sales. Nor is it the lack of trying that stops the forward progress of

When Stubborn Becomes Stupid

This is a true story of a business I advised. It illustrates that sometimes being stubborn, an oft-admired trait in the business world, often leads

The long lasting impact of a mentor

Each of us, I’m sure, has known individuals who have made an impression or significant contribution to and on our lives. Sometimes these individuals are