Author - Michelle Sathe

Michelle Sathe

SCV’s Best Salads

For many years, I prided myself on being a woman who would not order a salad as a meal in a restaurant. Nope, I liked hearty food, no matter the season, not a bowl of limp, uninspiring vegetables drowned in dressing.

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Surreal beauty at Bryce Canyon

Attracting about 2.7 million visitors per year, Bryce Canyon National Park might be a bit crowded but is way more manageable to navigate than neighboring Zion...

Crafting Like the Pros

It’s a Thursday night at A R Workshop in Saugus and between the sounds of wood being sanded and electric drills whirring, there is laughter and the occasional...

Spring & Summer Gardening Tips

Are you feeling a need to get your hands dirty and grow something beautiful (or tasty)? You’re not alone! “Spring has sprung. When people see flowers blooming...