Paul Butler: Walking to work

Why do some people wearing face masks seem even more miserable? It’s as if this pandemic gives them an excuse to avoid eye-contact; cross the street or do a 180

Paul Butler: Workplace woes

Workplace woes “There’s always someone worse off than you.” This is a commonly known phrase that seems commonly forgotten, especially during these strange days of COVID-19. There are indeed, many

Paul Butler: Working together

I was walking our little dog just last night and saw one of the two young sons of our neighbors playing on his little scooter near the house with his

Paul Butler: A tale of two workers

Have you noticed there are two types of people during these strange days of COVID-19? One type of person seems to focus their attention on how this pesky pandemic affects

Paul Butler: Zoom!

What’s all this with Zoom? While so many of us at work and at home are talking about Zoom, some of you might be wondering what Zoom even is. As

Paul Butler: ‘OK, Boomer’

There’s a phrase going around social media presently, spoken by millennials in the workplace (ages range between 24 and 39) about those in the workplace (ages range between 55 and

Paul Butler: Workplace viruses

At the time of writing, we are continuing to hear news of the coronavirus spreading across the world. It seems rather trite of me to relate the pandemic to the

Paul Butler: Interview skills

We moved here 14 years ago this month to start our own business, and since then, many of my professional associates have told me: “You’re a great networker.” In the

Paul Butler: Networking like the pros

We moved here 14 years ago this month to start our own business, and since then, many of my professional associates have told me: “You’re a great networker.” The problem

Paul Butler: Stuff happens

I have three memories of my college marketing class: the mullet, the tweed and the 4P’s. I had the mullet. The professor wore the tweed. The textbook listed the 4P’s.

Paul Butler: A great place to work!

We often hear people say they love their job; or they love their boss or coworkers. Why do we use such an emotive word to describe our work? Many people

Paul Butler: Earning a living

One of the best life lessons our daughter ever learned didn’t come from me or my wife. This quantum leap in thinking didn’t come from the school system or from

Paul Butler: Work, work, work

All of us were reminded of the brevity and fragility of life last weekend to hear of the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant along with eight other passengers in

Paul Butler: Workplace manners

The world of work hasn’t changed as much as I believe some people think it has — at least in the 30 years I’ve been working within it across various

Paul Butler: Fringe Benefits

I’ve often wondered why “fringe benefits” are called “fringe benefits.” When something is “on the fringe,” it’s regarded as being “on the edge” and “not central” to the event or

Paul Butler: Working with others

We moved recently, and while connecting to our new Wi-Fi address, I noticed that one of our new neighbors had the Wi-Fi network name: “I Hate People.” I don’t know

Paul Butler: 3 workplace resolutions

Just like many of us will have made New Year’s resolutions, please join me in raising a glass to entrepreneurs, workplace leaders and employees in general, for this coming year

Paul Butler: The gift exchange

Regardless of your religious beliefs, most people will have participated in a gift exchange within the last few days. The gift was purchased, and so the giver had to give