Paul Butler | The principles of leadership

If I’ve learned anything about human behavior, it’s that our perceptions drive our behaviors, which dictate our results. Our perceptions are the window through which

A few insights on outsourcing

Paul butler Signal Contributing Writer “The trouble with most accountants is, they know the cost of everything but the value of very little.” ~ Albert

Paul Butler | Leadership calm

I’ll always remember the soccer game when I threw my jersey on the ground to show my disagreement with the referee’s decision to award a

Paul Butler | Serve others well

“The secret to the many is the one” is a phrase I picked up at some point somewhere. I can’t recall why someone said that

Helping others at work

Today — the day after Christmas Day is not just Dec. 26, but for many it’s Boxing Day. It’s often said in England, “Christmas Day

Paul Butler | The invisible employee

When I was a kid growing up in England there was a TV show titled, “Upstairs Downstairs.” Set in a large Belgravia townhouse in central

Paul Butler | Health and Safety

The primary purpose of government is to protect life and property. To enable a government to do this, it must ensure its income is greater

A few thoughts on workplace gratitude

Paul Butler Signal Contributing Writer For the last four years, my wife and I have served as volunteers at a summer camp for children in

Paul Butler | The seven components of business

I believe these seven components are interdependent and can actually provide a much more balanced, healthy and sustainable scoreboard to measure an organization’s success. Customer

Paul Butler | Employee incentives

I’m a great believer that every employee should be able to earn a little treat in their paycheck for going over and beyond the call

Paul Butler | Presentation skills

Last week, we saw the start of the 2020 presidential debates here in the United States — a battle that was highly entertaining and of

What’s with all these rules?

Paul butler Signal Contributing Writer I’m noticing three categories of people in their response to the directives we’ve all been given during this pandemic —

Paul Butler | Your legacy of leadership

From my observation, very few leaders leave an admirable legacy — many cause divisions, and some are downright dreadful. The late John Wooden was an

Paul Butler | Conspiracy at work

As the days turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into months, and the months turn into more months — I’m just hoping this COVID-19