Paul Butler: Going the Extra Mile

Paul Butler | Service with a smile

Recently, I had the pleasure of having three wisdom teeth removed and now that the pain has subsided, I can reflect on the service fundamentals that were

Paul Butler: Going the Extra Mile

Paul Butler | Fatherly leadership

Here are 6 similarities between good fathering and good leadership:  1. Just as good fathers know they must work hard and provide for their families, good leaders

Paul Butler: Going the Extra Mile

Paul Butler | Work like Jared

Jared is a hard worker. He arrives 10 minutes before his shift starts. His belief is, he should be ready to begin his tasks right at

Paul Butler | The principles of leadership

If I’ve learned anything about human behavior, it’s that our perceptions drive our behaviors, which dictate our results. Our perceptions are the window through which

A few insights on outsourcing

Paul butler Signal Contributing Writer “The trouble with most accountants is, they know the cost of everything but the value of very little.” ~ Albert

Paul Butler | Leadership calm

I’ll always remember the soccer game when I threw my jersey on the ground to show my disagreement with the referee’s decision to award a

Paul Butler | Serve others well

“The secret to the many is the one” is a phrase I picked up at some point somewhere. I can’t recall why someone said that

Helping others at work

Today — the day after Christmas Day is not just Dec. 26, but for many it’s Boxing Day. It’s often said in England, “Christmas Day

Paul Butler | The invisible employee

When I was a kid growing up in England there was a TV show titled, “Upstairs Downstairs.” Set in a large Belgravia townhouse in central

Paul Butler | Health and Safety

The primary purpose of government is to protect life and property. To enable a government to do this, it must ensure its income is greater

A few thoughts on workplace gratitude

Paul Butler Signal Contributing Writer For the last four years, my wife and I have served as volunteers at a summer camp for children in

Paul Butler | The seven components of business

I believe these seven components are interdependent and can actually provide a much more balanced, healthy and sustainable scoreboard to measure an organization’s success. Customer

Paul Butler | Employee incentives

I’m a great believer that every employee should be able to earn a little treat in their paycheck for going over and beyond the call

Paul Butler | Presentation skills

Last week, we saw the start of the 2020 presidential debates here in the United States — a battle that was highly entertaining and of