Schools (retired)

Keeping up a regal homecoming tradition

Valerie Miranda never thought when she was running for homecoming queen her senior year at San Fernando High in 1974 that she was starting a tradition that would continue for

Committed to excellence for students

There is a place for your child at one of the Newhall School District’s 10 award-winning schools. Come see for yourself! Our rigorous instructional program and culture of academic excellence

The connection between eating, energy

The connection between energy and eating is significant. A healthy diet and approach to eating can vastly improve energy levels, while a poorly planned diet that lacks nutrition can contribute

Wrestling with preconceived notions

Priscilla Ramirez never envisioned herself wrestling. She always considered herself “super girly,” and left the sport to her sister. But, on Feb. 22, Ramirez concluded her prep wrestling career with