Time Ranger (retired)

50 Years Ago: The Darkest Day in CHP History

I trust you folks are doing well and are finding the blessings and gifts tucked between the hardships. I know I am. Getting time to work on that novel finally. Taking walks. Chatting with loved ones via the miracle of technology.

Two-Gun Bill & the 15,000-Word Question

Amen boy howdy, are you saddlepals going to be insufferably smart after we finish this Sunday’s trail ride. Got tons of especially cool Santa Clarita

When we almost became Ventura County

Top of a beautiful Santa Clarita Sunday morn. Nice to see you friends, neighbors, saddlepals and saddlepal-ettes. Time to time travel. We’ve a most interesting

When Hart High was Almost Fremont High

A happy Sunday morning to you, dear Santa Clarita saddlepals. As usual, we’ve a most interesting trek waiting for us. Just wiggle a left foot into the stirrup, hoist your fetching heinie up and into the saddle and direct your noble steed to yonder swirling black hole/time vortex.

Rain, Snow & The Quiet Heroes of Sloan Canyon

Top of a wonderful and quite beautiful Sunday morning to you, dear saddlepals and saddlepalettes. As usual, we’ve a most entertaining trail ride into SCV history ahead, plenty of scenery, plenty of good companionship.

When Tarzan Played the SCV in Baseball

I shouldn’t mention the word, “apes” above a whisper. Might spook the horses. BUT, on this beautiful Sunday morn trail ride into the Santa Clarita Valley lore of yesteryear, we are not only going to bump into some (lowering the voice) “apes,” but the bona fide Lord of them.

The Sad, Sad Day the SCV Went Metric

I know. I know. It’s going to take some old-fashioned get-up-&-go followed by one of our oldest friends, Moe Mentum. Climb out of them Posturepedics, sofa cushions and designer foam mattresses, you post-Christmas bunk huggers.

Happy Birthday to ‘Big’ Bad John (Powell)

Hate to break the bad news. But when we time travel to the back canyons of the Santa Clarita of Yesteryear, you can’t shop. Well. You can shop. But you can’t bring back gifts through the time portal.