Time Ranger (retired)

UFOs, The SCV’s 1st Coach & Fake Robbers

Good heavens, time is speeding by. Halloween’s over, Thanksgiving’s around the bend and Christmas is not too far beyond that. And we’re still basking in Indian summer weather.

The Grease Fires, Grain Silos and Hogs of the SCV

Not counting volcanic eruptions, tidal waves or dinosaurs crawling out of Earth’s steaming crevices in a biblical prediction, there’s not really a bad day to ride a horse. It’s fall. Finally. Beautiful day to climb aboard the saddle, wiggle in, laugh and chat with friends and neighbors.

Death Cults, Machine Guns & Outlawing the Dreaded Butt…

Back on Oct. 8, 1858, the first Butterfield Overland stagecoach rode through Newhall, Saugus and San Francisquito Canyon. They were greeted in Newhall by a 100-gun salute by the local cowboys and yahoos. When applying for work, do note that “Yahoo” always looks good on a resume…

The President’s Son Dies in Castaic…

Many of us falsely learned that the first major gold strike in California was up north in Sutter’s Mill in 1849. On Oct. 1, 1842, The New York Observer newspaper noted that a major gold discovery just happened in our very own Placerita Canyon.

Happy Birthday, Sulphur Springs School!

Offering a beautiful post-full moon howdy to you, saddlepals. And happy autumn while we’re at it. Took its darn time getting here. Before you know it, it’ll be sweater weather, although, come to think of it, I’ve never seen anyone in the saddle on a trail ride wearing a sweater. Hope I don’t, either.

Mixing Water, Fire, Oil & Accidents

Hey. Is that all y’all moping sheepishly about, pre-coffee Sunday morn? C’mon. Hop up in those saddles. You sage riders who know their way around a horse can just wiggle a boot into the stirrup and swing a leg over the saddle without spilling a drop of latte.

Imbeciles, Heroes, Coin Flips & Sweethearts

A humble padre up the coast at Mission Santa Buenaventura made a historic decision back on Sept. 3, 1795. The Catholic Church was down to two sites to build their newest mission — either in San Fernando or Santa Clarita. Father Vincent de Santa Maria made the call and we lost.

Frozen Dead Dogs to Valencia’s Birthday

Tipping my terribly expensive but utilitarian O’Farrell hat toward the direction of you ladies and offering a positive “Howdy” to the menfolk. What say we all climb aboard the thousands of ponies I’ve brought?

Bad Men, Good Women, Fortunes & Foibles

Well a happy Sunday in August to you, dear saddlepals. Hope you survived Saturday night and still possess your car keys, spouse, loved one and most of your brain cells from the carousing.

Boxers, Bad Honeymoons & NEN Gridders

It’s not entirely too bad for a late July in Santa Clarita. C’mon. Hop up on one of the noble steeds that I’ve talked into giving you a ride. Bring a slicker because we’ve got some monumental summer rainstorms to inspect.

A Sneak Peak at July 4ths Past…

I’ve got a little early bird treat for you, saddlepals. We’re going to time travel into yesteryear and see how we celebrated this marvelous nation’s