Tim Whyte | Sooners, Cougars and Mustangs

Thanksgiving got me thinking, and I’m gonna be straight up about it: I miss my kids. As I’ve chronicled here before, we’ve got one in the state of Washington, where she’s a junior nursing major at Washington State University. Go Cougs! And, we’ve got one who graduated last year from the University of Oklahoma — Boomer Sooner! — and is

Gary Horton | Ending Endless Homelessness

This past week I had the joyful experience of sharing lunch with Stephanie English, our senior field deputy for Supervisor Kathryn Barger representing our L.A.

Tim Whyte | Up Court’s Creek Without a Bat

You’re a Little League team. Playing against the New York Yankees.  Without a bat. That’s how one deputy district attorney described the plight of prosecutors