David Hegg

David Hegg | Climb That Mountain!

By David Hegg For centuries, societies depended almost entirely on agriculture. The recognition that ground had to be cleared and plowed, seeds sown, and plants tended was part and parcel of daily life. It took many labors and many days to reach the reward of harvest. The reality of life was that perseverance was necessary. Hard work, consistently exercised over

David Hegg

David Hegg | Escaping the Cul-de-Sac

By David Hegg Today is Mother’s Day, and on behalf of all the loving, praying, and long-suffering mothers in my reading audience, I have decided to speak to those they

David Hegg

David Hegg | To Those Who Are Dealing in Death

By David Hegg My normal writing schedule, which involves preparing this column a week in advance, means I’m often lagging behind the news cycle. This sometimes causes me to wonder

Gina Stevens, SCV Voices

Gina Stevens | The Truth About Suitcases

As I was listening to the radio last week, the station’s host began to describe the plight of foster children moving into foster homes with all of their belongings in

Gary Horton

Gary Horton | Honor, Uphold the Intended Purposes

Sidewalks are for walking.  Streets are for driving.  Parks are for playing and recreation.  Libraries are for books and reading.  Schools are for educating kids.  Colleges and universities are for

Jason Gibbs

Jason Gibbs | An Eclipse Becomes a Metaphor

Earlier this month on April 8, millions of people across North America would pull their faces away from their cell phone and iPad screens and stare up at the heavens

David Hegg

David Hegg | Stick to Your Values

By David Hegg With election season in full swing and electioneering filling our mailboxes and TV screens, it’s time to remind ourselves that the most important decisions we make as