Jennifer Danny | An Opportunity to Connect Arises Unexpectedly

I’ve mentioned in a previous column that I am the collections manager for a very large corporation and there was an “art to collecting,” which I take great pride in. By now you should know that I am also the quintessential people person.  I love getting to know our clients and finding out more about them. It’s a nice way

David Hegg | Win or Lose, Be a Winner

If you’re like me, you’ve felt that this election season has been much more spirited than previous midterm contests. And, again if you’re like me,

Jim de Bree | Solving a Most Peculiar Crime

For the past several months, we have experienced strange occurrences in our house. Things have mysteriously disappeared and our property has been vandalized.   Important

Gary Horton | Vote to Enshrine Freedom

Our election season is wrapping up and for most of us it can’t conclude fast enough. Enough already, with the constant barrage of outrageous accusations

David Hegg | Just Do It… Well!

We’re all familiar with the marketing icon Nike rolled out in the 1980s that put the sports clothing giant on the world map: Just Do

David Hegg | What Are You For?

Have you noticed that it is increasingly easy to become a negative person? Is it just me or has criticism and disdain become our national