First Time Mommy

Baby Brie Schneider. Photo courtesy of Cully Schneider

Ten minutes of pushing and there she was, our brand new baby girl. I’ll never forget that incredible moment when they placed her on my chest right after delivery. The nurses were frantically wiping the goo from her face and body while I admired this little gift gently laying on me. I couldn’t believe that this petite person was finally here and that the small being occupying my belly for so many months was indeed real.

The whole event felt surreal. I stared at our baby in disbelief and awe. Finally, the nurse took her for measurements and to weigh her. She cried during this time until my husband started to gently speak to her and suddenly she stopped, as if familiar with having heard Daddy’s voice before.

Smile for the camera. Photo courtesy of Cully Schneider
Smile for the camera. Photo courtesy of Cully Schneider

Two sleepless nights in the hospital later and baby Brie was ready to come home. My husband and I, thanks to our dear friends and family, were equipped with all the essentials: car seat, crib, changing table, diapers, clothes, etc. What we weren’t prepared for was all the love our little girl would bring into our lives. Even our antisocial Maltese Poodle showered Brie with comforting licks when she cried, instinctively caring for her as if she were a new pup.

I’ve learned a lot as a new mom so far. I know which brand of pacifiers Brie prefers, what diapers are the best for her, and how she loves to be swaddled while sleeping. I never expected to learn, however, how much was missing from my life before Brie was born. To be honest, I was never quite sure if I wanted children, a combination of doubt in my ability to be a good mom and a fear of taking on the extra responsibility. But now I know exactly how blessed we are to have her in our lives. Her unfiltered expressions and curious coos bring freshness to our home. Sure, there are the sleep-depriving late-night feedings, cringe-worthy poopy diapers, and sometimes ear piercing crying, but our little girl is well worth it.

About a month after Brie was born, my heart melted into a puddle of happiness when she smiled at me for the first time. It was the most joyful and sweet smile and it made all the exhaustion of the late nights and four-in-the-morning wake-ups disappear from my mind.

At two months old I still stare at Brie with wonder and disbelief that my husband and I created this little human. I also realize that a lot has changed. I have never felt so accomplished and happy getting someone to burp after a feeding. When you’re a new mom, you learn that a good burp is essential to a happy baby because stomach gas is the enemy. You also begin to hoard baby pictures. From May on, my phone’s photos are all pictures of Brie and some are only slightly different than the next one. I just can’t seem to trash these pictures and may need an extra iPhone just to store all of them. Then there are the Costco-sized packages of diapers we buy for the multiple diaper changes. How does someone so small poop and pee so much? It’s quite a sight! Plus, Brie hates the slightest bit of wetness in her diaper so we go through a lot.

A friend asked me how I like being a new mom. “Best job I’ve ever had,” I replied, “even if my boss is a bit demanding.”

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