Long Time Newhall Resident Mary Herberg Celebrates 100 Years

Mary Herberg with hat photo - santa clarita valley news

0917_oc_100-bday_marys-graduation-pictureLong time Newhall resident Mary Herberg celebrated a full century on Friday September 16. Born in Hastings Nebraska, September 16 1916, Mary has lived in Santa Clarita for more than half her life, since moving out to California in 1972. Mary worked for a long time in the accounting office at California Institute of the Arts.

Mary has two children, 6 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchildren. She is the great-grandmother of Madison Stears, reining Little Miss Santa Clarita. It was Madison who wrote and invited the Mayor to her grandmother’s birthday.

Since her birth, she has been alive for the first radio broadcast, introduction of electric household appliances, the discovery of insulin, the invention of the TV camera and TV’s first broadcast, discovery of atoms, protons, neutrons nuclear reactions, nuclear weapons, transistors, the first computer, introvert-fertilization, desktop computers, cellphones, pocket calculators, chemotherapy for cancer, Men on the Moon, the internet, CERN, Prozac, and cloning. She has also lived through more than 40 wars, insurgencies and conflicts.

The Honorable Mayor Bob Keller presented Mrs. Herberg with a certificate from the City council at her birthday celebration at Outback Steakhouse on Friday Evening, September 16. “I’ve met the mayor at a number of functions in the community, and he was always so nice,” said Madison Stears. “I thought it would be nice to invite him. I’m very glad he accepted.”

Mary celebrated her 100 years with 25 members of her immediate family.

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