Albert Gomez brushes off his hands after using the mobile shower unit at the SCV Cares event in Valencia on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016. Nikolas Samuels/The Signal
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Volunteers in the Santa Clarita Valley reached out to assist homeless people on Saturday during the first ever SCV Cares event put on by the Santa Clarita Valley Homeless Coalition.

A wide variety of free services were offered such as dental care, immunizations, HIV testing, a mobile shower station and much more; all in the parking lot in front of Real Life Church in Valencia.

“It’s to raise awareness of homelessness in the Santa Clarita Valley (and) more importantly, to make connections for homeless neighbors,” said Michelle Andrews, a volunteer for the event and the director of discipleship and care for Valencia United Methodist Church, which helped sponsor the event.

One such homeless person who received assistance was Albert Gomez. He lamented that these services are available for such a short period in SCV and said there needs to be more events like this in the area.

“It’s only for one day,” he said.

Gomez usually travels to the beach all the way in Santa Monica to take a shower so he made sure to bathe at SCV Cares when he had the chance.

One organization that was offering services at the event was Bridge to Home, which had condoms, shoes and information to give out to local homeless people.

“This is a great way to get the word out because we have so many homeless people out here,” said Audrey Davis, the medical coordinator of Bridge to Home.

Kevin Pisano, the coordinator of the event and a local outreach pastor for Real Life Church, said the event was a success and expected to host another one next year.

Close to 50 homeless people had received assistance when the event was only half way through and more were expected to come.

“Any time we can help one person, that’s successful,” he said.

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  • Let me begin by saying that as of Sept 28, 2016 I became an officially Ordained Minister; as for the above event to have taken place for the Homeless People was an excellent idea and I’ am happy that the event went so well, However; that was only for one day what about the rest of the weeks ahead and the Month ahead: lets take a look at what Jesus says to do about helping one another: we find in the Gospels of Matthew and John when the Multitude of people came to Jesus and they were hungry, did Jesus turn them away and say have a good day or sorry I cannot do that: no he did not, he did not turn those people away he feed them: he didn’t disrespect them in any way; also we find in the Gospel of Matthew Jesus also spoke about helping others; Jesus said that him that would ask of thee and him that would borrow from thee turn thou not away. We could look at this in another way lets take a look at what it says in the book of James, James tells us not be putting ourselves in the position that we are better than the other person; no one is better than the other person: let me say this in closing I see a lot of people in Canyon Country and Newhall that have put themselves in the position that James tells us not do, so I encourage everyone in Canyon Country and the Newhall area that the next time you come across a Homeless person who is in need of a Motel room for the night and something to eat; help them do just that as when you do that you are following an example that Jesus set forth for us to live by every day, not just one day a week. Thank you and God Bless
    Pastor Randy Griffin

  • stray

    Thank you Pastor Griffin for your compassion towards the people who are so unfortunate to have a roof over their head and for those who struggle to make it through the day… There’s a special place for you in Heaven when you have completed your life’s journey.