Baby lamb named Clover vanishes from Newhall preschool

Clover, a 6-week-old lamb, went missing fromTown and Country Farm School under investigation by Animal Care and Control Town and Country Farm School this week. Photo courtesy of Denise Vail

Clover, a baby lamb and classroom friend, went missing from Town and Country Farm School this week, leaving school staff worried about her safety.

The six-week-old lamb was rescued by Town and Country Farm School teacher Denise Vail after Clover’s mother rejected her the day she was born.

Vail would bring Clover to her class of preschoolers who grew close to the lamb that would sit in the classroom with the children.

“She was going to be in our class picture next week,” Vail said.  “She would walk and do tours with me and just lay there in the classrooms.”

Clover was gone from her pen Monday morning when workers arrived to feed her.

Vail said owners last saw her Sunday night when they fed her around 5:30 p.m.

“The owners came down to do the morning feed Monday and realized she wasn’t there,” Vail said.

Vail does not think an animal attacked Clover because there was no sign of animal struggle or fur in the pen.

There was also no sign of human involvement, but Vail said people can hop fences.

“There is nothing to indicate she had an animal attack her,” Vail said.  “And we’ve never had individuals come in and take animals before.”

The school staff is worried about Clover’s safety because she needs “critical care” which includes being bottle-fed with special milk several times a day.

The staff has not told the students about Clover’s disappearance yet, Vail said.  They are hoping she will be safely returned to the school campus.

“If somebody did take her we want her back and we need her safe,” she said.  “Even if she is just left on the property that would be OK.”


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