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  • Shoplifting – 24100 block of Magic Mountain Parkway.  A female suspect was arrested from the location for trying to exit the store without paying for items.


  • Burglary (Vehicle)-28500 block of Westinghouse Place.  An unknown suspect forced entry into the victim’s vehicle and stole the third row seat.


  • Recklessly start a fire- 26900 block of Mirasol Street. Two male subjects were detained near the location for recklessly starting a fire.  Both juvies admitted to starting the fire, but stated they did so on accident.


  • Assault with a deadly weapon-23400 block of Valencia Boulevard. A male suspect exited the location and was not allowed back inside. The suspect became very upset and threw a brick at the victim. A piece of the brick hit the victim’s hand causing some swelling. The suspect fled the location prior to the deputies arrival.


  • Grand Theft 23700 block of Del Monte Drive. The victim’s home was for sale. She left the location due to an open house that was being held.  When she returned to her home, she noticed her jewelry hutch open and her jewelry missing. The victim valued her jewelry at over $23,000.
  • Robbery-Strong-23200 block of Valencia Boulevard.  A female suspect tried to exit the store with a BB gun.  Once outside the store, an employee confronted the suspect about the stolen item. The suspect pulled out a taser and threatened to harm the employee. Fearing for her safety the employee backed off and the suspect fled the area. The suspect was caught not far from the location and arrested.
  • Grand Theft-24200 block of Valencia Boulevard.  A male suspect was arrested from the location for trying to exit the store with numerous clothing items.


  • Assault With a Deadly Weapon/ Battery- Seco Canyon Road. A male victim was attacked by the suspect while hanging out in an apartment complex. The victim was beat up severely and had his front teeth knocked out. The suspect is known to the victim.
  • Shoplifting- 24400 block of Magic Mountain Parkway. A female suspect was arrested from the location for trying to leave the area without paying for items in her possession.


  • Robbery- 24200 block of Valencia Boulevard. A male suspect was arrested from the location for exiting the store with items he did not pay for. The suspect then fought with loss prevention personnel as he tried to flee the location. The suspect was arrested at the location once the deputies arrived.
  • Grand theft auto- 23400 block of Sarda Road. The victim had his 1989 Volvo 240 stolen from the location.


  • Grand Theft -23800 block of McBean Parkway. The female victim was admitted into the hospital for a medical issue. While in the hospital an unknown suspect stole the victim’s jewelry.
  • Shoplifting-24400 block of Magic Mountain Parkway. A female suspect was arrested from the location for exiting the store with unpaid items in her possession.


  • Assault With a Deadly Weapon/ Hit and Run/ Reckless Driving- 27800 block of Dickason Drive. A male subject was arrested from the location for riding his motorcycle through a crowd and trying to hit people in the head with his helmet.


  • Petty Theft – 24425 Magic Mountain Parkway. A suspect was observed stealing items from the location. The known suspect has stolen from the location in the past.



  • Attempted Robbery- 28000 block of Oaklar Drive. The victim met the suspect on an online dating app. The suspect picked up the victim near Bouquet Canyon Road/Seco Canyon Road.  While in the vehicle, the suspect pulled out a knife and told the victim to give him his money.  The victim was able to get out of the car and run away.


  • Residential Burglary- 28100 block of Shelter Cove Drive. The victim believes that someone she knows broke into her home and stole her Oxycodone pills from her cabinet.  There was no evidence of forced entry into the location.


  • Theft from Vehicle– 26400 block of Rock Canyon Drive. The victim left the windows of his vehicle down overnight.  The suspect stole a MacBook Pro laptop from the interior of the vehicle.


  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon -21800 block of Centurion Way. A subject entered the victim’s vehicle and began rummaging through it.  The victim confronted the subject who was still in the vehicle.  The subject chased the victim with a pair of scissors. The subject then threw the scissors at the victim. The subject was detained at a nearby business and transported to Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.


  • Burglary 25600 block of Springbrook Avenue. An unknown suspect broke into the victim’s storage bin and stole an “O’Neill” motorcycle gear bag containing riding gear.


  • Burglary– 26500 block of Bouquet Canyon Road. An unknown suspect broke off a lock on a storage trailer to gain entry and stole a fire alarm power supply.

Stevenson Ranch


  • Petty Theft – 25000 Wintergreen Court. Person(s) unknown stole the victim’s tailgate from his white 2008 Toyota Tundra which was parked in front of his home.


  • Robbery (Bank) 25400 The Old Road. Two male adults entered the location pretending to be customers.  Once the business was clear of customers, one of the suspects produced a chrome revolver pistol and demanded money.  The suspect then jumped over the counter and emptied the contents of a money drawer into a black plastic bag. The two suspects then exited the location and got into a white Dodge Charger (driven by a third unknown subject) and left the area.  Total loss was $8,200.00.
  • Burglary (Vehicle) – 26900 The Old Road. Person(s) unknown forced entry into the victim’s vehicle by prying the lock, then stole the victim’s purse which contained her iPhone 5 (total loss, $675.00). The purse was left on the passenger seat in plain view.


  • Grand Theft – 25500 Magnolia Lane. Person(s) unknown stole the victim’s tailgate from his white 2014 Chevrolet Silverado which was parked in front of his home.


  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon – 25800 block of  Webster Place. Two male adults attacked another male adult, hitting him, choking him, and cutting him with a broken beer bottle. The victim was at the location attempting to visit his ex-girlfriend. Witnesses at the location were uncooperative and would not help identify the suspects.


  • Burglary (Vehicle) – 25300 block The Old Road. Person(s) unknown pried open the rear window of the victim’s 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe and stole her third row removable seat.


Burglary (Vehicle) – 25600 block Pico Canyon Road. Person(s) unknown smashed the rear passenger window of the victim’s vehicle and stole her purse containing her cell phone, driver’s license, and $120.00 in U.S. currency.  Total loss, including damages was $1,200.00.

Source: Los Angeles County Sheriff – Santa Clarita Valley Station

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