John Musella: Re-elect our hometown heroes

John Musella

In Santa Clarita, we love our hometown heroes – those who have served our country and our community.

With so much negativity this election cycle, I think it’s important to realize how much is right with our community here in Santa Clarita thanks to our hometown heroes.

When we turn to our ballots on Nov. 8, I hope the voters realize that this election season for us locally is about electing leaders who love our community and want to keep it one of the safest places to raise families and one of the most business-friendly locations in California.

I hope voters take a serious look and support our local candidates who love our community and who run positive, uplifting campaigns.

Many of us moved to Santa Clarita because of the quality of life that has been created – good schools, low crime, parks, access to open space, etc.

These things didn’t just happen. We have many of our community leaders and elected officials to thank for what we all enjoy today. Sure, nothing in life is perfect, but I believe Santa Clarita is pretty darn close.

Thankfully, here at home in the Santa Clarita Valley we have some of the finest elected officials who have spent years working with our nonprofits, charities and business organizations to fully understand our community and support it.

These folks love our community and provide valuable community leadership.

As we look to vote for our local (aka “down-ballot”) candidates, let us remember many of the incumbents and candidates who have made our community great need your support on Election Day.

Over the last few months, millions of dollars in outside money have been flooding into the Santa Clarita Valley supporting candidates who either don’t have any experience living or working in our community or have no real vision for, or understanding about, the Santa Clarita Valley.

A good example of one of our hometown heroes is our congressman, Steve Knight. Simply put, Steve is a great man. He was born and raised in this congressional district and he loves Santa Clarita and cares about our values.

I know Steve and his wonderful wife, Lily. They’re good, salt-of-the-earth people. We may not agree on every issue, but I’m proud to stand with Steve Knight for Congress.

On the state Senate side, we have Assemblyman Scott Wilk running to represent us. Scott and his wife, Vanessa, are hard-working, smart people who love Santa Clarita. There is simply no question about that.

In the Assembly, Scott has fought for our families and businesses and has earned a seat representing us in the state Senate.

And even closer to home there is an unhappy little group that is desperately attempting to challenge a solid group of incumbents running for re-election to the Castaic Lake Water Agency.

Our local community team and hometown heroes running for re-election are Bill Cooper, R.J. Kelly, Bill Pecsi and Jerry Gladbach. This group of incumbents deserves to return to leading CLWA with the integrity and dedicated leadership we need on water issues facing the SCV.

Let’s re-elect our experienced, level-headed, thoughtful incumbents.

And finally, on the Saugus Union School District board, Bruce Fox is our hometown hero for the job. He’s new to campaigning and running for office, but he’s not new to Santa Clarita.

As an adopted son, Bruce knows first-hand the importance of strong families and top-notch schools. He and his family have lived in Santa Clarita for nearly three decades.

He’s smart and driven and will serve us well on the Saugus Union School District Board.

For the rest of our hometown heroes to vote for, like Santa Clarita Mayor Bob Kellar, Cameron Smyth and Dante Acosta, please visit

So when we head to the polls on Nov. 8, let us cast our ballots for our hometown heroes. If we support them on Election Day, we’ll send Sacramento and Washington a clear message: We can’t be bought by special interests and we know what’s right for the community we love.

John Musella is the immediate past chairman of Log Cabin Republicans California, the largest statewide LGBT organization in the nation, and was elected to the 38th Assembly District Republican Central Committee.

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