Update: Man arrested after shooting gun into the air to allegedly scare off clown

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A man was arrested Sunday morning after shooting a gun into the air in an alleged attempt to scare a clown off that confronted him while brandishing a knife on the 25000 block of Via Desca.

The man reported the incident at 6:34 a.m.

After responding to the call, deputies were unable to find any clown brandishing a knife. Although, they did discover the man who reported the clown was in possession of firearms and narcotics and arrested him.

An individual who was found in the area in possession of a clown mask was detained although officials say he is unrelated to the incident. He was arrested for possession of burglary tools.

There is no active investigation to find the individual who allegedly wore a clown costume while confronting a man.

“It will be up to the detectives,” said Lt. Brenda Cambra of the SCV Sheriff’s Station.

The detectives will not arrive until Monday.

This is not the first potential clown sighting in SCV according to Lt. Rob Hahnlein of the SCV Sheriff’s Station.

“This is the second or third incident,” he said.

Hahnlein says that if a person sees a clown, they should not confront them.

“I recommend someone…back away and call us,” he said.

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