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Election junkies like myself have spent an inordinate amount of time on Nate Silver’s “538” election prediction site.

Silver is the guy who brought predictive statistical analysis to baseball, and he followed up with unusually canny correct predictions for the 2012 and 2014 elections.

His model shows, state by state, how it’s going and what the chances for victory are for the presidential candidates.

California stands unique over the entire country. It’s not just our enormous 50 electoral college votes, but most striking, our greater than 99.9 percent odds on voting for Hillary Clinton.

There are blue states and red states, and very blue states and very red states, but only one state gets a greater than 99.9 percent blue rating, and that’s our Great State of California.

I’m proud of who we are. After 18 months of Trump hurling insults, innuendos, nasty tweets, and outright lies at anybody and everyone in his way, it’s great that California responds unequivocally, “We’re better together.”

We’re inclusive, not divisive. We’re a polyglot culture and we’re happy about it.

We like the idea of taco carts on our corners and Persian food and Thai food and all the rest – in fact the Summit Seals host Wednesday night “taco trucks” and trucks and carts of all sorts right over by our pool!

Yes, California is, as Hillary quipped, “A basket of adorables.”

California love is trumping hate “bigly,” and over the past few years we seem to be getting better and better about it. Statewide, we overwhelmingly elected a highly intelligent but (now) very disciplined and collaborative governor.

We made a mature, non-emotional choice in Jerry Brown, and it’s paid off for us in spades. California is again the economic envy of the entire country, if not the whole world.

And check out the initiatives on your ballot this year. There’s a lot of love and inclusiveness and bridges instead of divisiveness and punishment and abandonment of our common bonds.

Finally, we’ll stop the hypocrisy of our state capital punishment system. It’s been pathetically costly, inhumane, and had made a mockery of the death sentences we’ve passed down.

Instead, California will do away with a fake death sentence. No more death row, no more endless appeals. Finally, there’s certainty for all involved.

And marijuana. Many or most folks in the state have tried it at one time or another. Many could have been “busted” and set up with a criminal record.

Many say it’s no worse than alcohol, which is promoted and sold to us at every corner and in every sports show (now even for free in hair salons!)

Some argue that marijuana has strong medical benefits, especially so for end-of-life pain. California is finally saying “No more undue harassment.”

We’re saying “More individual rights, not less.” Pot will likely be legal, will be appropriately regulated, so now we can all move on to more pressing concerns – like homelessness.

Compassionately, it appears Los Angeles is moving forward on homelessness with love and concern rather than loathing and disengagement. We’ve have a huge homeless problem for far too long.

It’s a problem for the homeless themselves and a problem for us more fortunate with the blight it imposes on our city’s quality of life.

With Los Angeles city’s Measure HHH we’ll build 10,000 units to bridge the housing gap to help homeless transition back to mainstream life. This is great first step forward, and it’s long overdue.

Countywide Measure A provides for increased and improved parks and green spaces throughout our city. This measure, which will surely pass, improves quality of life for those from all walks of life, perhaps most so our poorer kids and families.

And Measure M will set us on a path to get to work improving our much-neglected roads and highways. Again, an initiative that has Californians reaching across demographics for our common good.

We still love to hug our trees and save our oceans, and Prop 67 finally does that by banning single-use plastic bags that fill our dumps and litter our shores and oceans.

If it passes, Prop 67 is perhaps a small gesture compared to everything else we dump all around, but it shows where our hearts are.

Today we’ll learn this election was a great productive, progressive, inclusive election for Californians north and south. I’m confident today’s papers will show that California is not only the most productive, creative state, but it’s also the grown-up in the room with the kindest heart.

Congrats to all on a great election! Go, Cal!

Gary Horton is a Santa Clarita resident. This column was submitted before Tuesday election results were available.“Full Speed to Port!” appears Wednesdays in The Signal.

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  • nohatejustdebate

    “It’s not just our enormous 50 electoral college votes, but most striking, our greater than 99.9 percent odds on voting for Hillary Clinton.”

    And yes, California was 100% WRONG in it’s blind loyalty to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Trump’s stunning victory was a repudiation of Barack Obama’s disastrous policies which will now be dismantled by the the new Republican President and control of both Houses of Congress. Thank God! It was also a rejection of the most corrupt politician ever to run for President in Hillary Clinton. A candidate you and your Democratic allies continually defended and supported. Think about it Gary, for all the things that could be said about Donald Trump, your candidate was so bad that Americans preferred Trump. It was also a revolt against the most disgraceful media bias in American political history. Americans are fair-minded people and saw right through the media’s lies, distortions, and outrageous attempts to get Clinton elected.

    And what’s your message after such a humiliating and sobering loss? Love trumps hate. Wow, you Democrats didn’t learn a damn thing. Would you like some sour grapes wine to help wash down your crow?

    • indy

      At least we’re done wasting time with Obama and Hillary hatreds . . . now the GOP ideology will be in full view . . .

      Trump promises where just that . . . they ignore reality . . .

      His support by white nationalist will be interesting to see how that unfolds.

      I do believe the GOP obstructionism the last 8 years did a lot to elect Trump . . . since the GOP kept promising things to republicans yet they did little to grasp the nature of what is truly going on economically.

      Libertarian market fundamentalism doesn’t work . . . but stay tuned . . . for immediate tax cuts and then even larger deficits as the GOP tries to artificially get more growth.

      I did like Trump’s pledge to stop perpetual war but if spends even more on defense, he’s just wasting money by ignoring the global unrest drivers of unsustainable population growth leading to economic stagnation and religious fundamentalism (see ‘The Future of Capitalism’ by Lester Thurow).

      Finally, the DNC made a major mistake is not getting Sanders as their nominee . . . any establishment politician like Hillary faced a tough road to hoe even without the ‘hate’ developed against her.

      Interestingly, at least as I write this, Hillary still leads the ‘popular’ vote . . . and we’ll have to ponder Trumps ‘belief’ the election was rigged . . .

  • Brian Baker

    Well, Horton, I guess one seeks solace where they can find it, and for you Dem/socialists I guess it’s the props, because other than that you guys had a pretty disastrous evening last night.

    The Hildebeest is on her way home, and possibly to prison unless Obozo grants her a blanket pardon a la Ford to Nixon. Good riddance. We never have to listen to that harridan again.

    The Republicans retained control of both chambers of Congress. That means Trump gets to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court, and now maybe we can drive a stake through the heart of the blood-sucking vampire known as Obamacare. No amnesty for illegal aliens. The end of national gun control efforts.

    At the local level, other than the 27th State Senate district you guys were completely wiped out. Even more good news. I guess this area hasn’t “turned blue” as much as you thought, has it?

    Am I gloating? Yeah, I guess I am. But after listening to you, Vignola, Kraut, Zanger and Buck screech for a year about the evils conservatism and the GOP, it’s IMMENSLY gratifying to be able to shove the results back in your collective faces.

  • James de Bree

    Gary–I remember when you were afraid that Bush would get the nomination.

    This is a stunning result. It sort of reminds me of the adage, be careful what you ask for, you might get it. Our system generated two horribly flawed candidates, so I guess this is a year when we should have expected the unexpected. Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip was right, he saw this coming.

    Brian–you were right about the polls being wrong, just like 1980.

    As to the view that the SCV has turned blue, that is wishful thinking for the Democrats. A lot of residents have left the Republican Party but that does not mean they have become Democrats. The results are not surprising when you look at the Democrats as a percentage of total registered voters rather than merely comparing the number of registered Democrats to the number of Registered Republicans.

  • Geez Horton, do you ever get anything right? You thought Hillary would win, she didn’t. You state that California has 50 electoral votes, it’s 55, which didn’t help Hillary at all.

    You’re a sod roller, don’t you have a rock somewhere you can crawl under?

  • noonan

    “We’re inclusive, not divisive.”

    I honestly think you’ve lost touch with reality Gary. This is the most divisive state in the nation. That being said, I will not gloat. I’m not necessarily happy that Trump won, but I’m ecstatic Clinton lost. At last the nation can be done with Bushs and Clintons. In private though, my thoughts last night when it was called was focused on just one person: Lois Eisenberg!


    Ok, that’s my last gloat.

  • robert stauffer

    Random thoughts on the outcome…

    The ‘T’ party has made it into the White House.

    DC voted 93% for Hillary. I remember years ago Saddam Hussein got about the same percentage in the Iraqi elections – I laughed at the time because I thought it was so phony – how could anybody be that controlling of a group of people?

    I’m guessing tons of bureaucrats will soon be unemployed and putting their posh homes up for sale….(that maybe they shouldn’t have had in the first place).

    Interest rates will no longer be a political issue. Rates will surely rise, as they should. As money gets more expensive real estate prices may go through some changes, and prices of other ‘things’ too.

    Radical environmentalism is out. Thank God!

    Has God given America another chance to turn away from abortion and other acts of depravity – like lying and corruption?

    I like to think so.

    • tech

      The vast machinery of the state lies at the ready, Chico. The temptation will be to use the One Ring for “good”.

      My hope is graciousness in victory and that this is the turn of the tide.

    • lockerroom

      With a name like “chico”, how come you aren’t back in Mexico? Beaners OUT! Deportation force is coming for you!

      • tech

        With every post, you reveal who you are, Lockerroom. ?

  • nohatejustdebate

    As you look at the electoral map covered in red except for the large inner cities, it’s incredibly obvious that this election was a battle of the working class vs the entitled class.

    The Democrats on these threads have always cited that conservatives have blamed Obama since the first day he took office, though they offer no evidence. Let’s see how soon they pile on Trump before he even takes office.

    One of the main things they will say in their bitterness is that Trump won because of white people. As Rush said this morning, if blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, or gays push their agenda, it’s called progress. If white people representing over 70% of Americans push an agenda, it’s called hateful bigotry. This is how liberals actually think. Totally crazy.

  • tech

    As I did with Indy in 2014, I saved a few choice items from one of my favorite posters. Here they are:

    Posted: May 1, 2015
    3:56 p.m.
    Fourteen Republican Candidates who are not worthy of becoming the President
    of the United States will fall like flies in 2016 campaign.

    Remembering the last group of clowns in 2012 is any indication what is to come
    with the Republican candidates G-D help us**

    “When 2016 comes around and the voting begins, some in the race will look a lot like they look now.” SO PATHETIC **



    Posted: April 11, 2015
    7:53 p.m.
    Here’s another prediction : HILLARY 2016-2020***

    • Brian Baker


      I wonder why she’s not here today to take a bow?

      I wonder how many Dem/socialists are using their Obamacare benefits today to get heavy doses of Prozac prescribed?

  • nohatejustdebate


    Speaking of taking a bow, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Hillary Clinton. It will be interesting to see what a REAL Attorney General would do with the ongoing FBI investigations. Of course, Obama might give her a blank pardon for everything she’s ever done or ever will do. It was hard to watch her speech this morning as the champion for every oppressed group in the world. But it was especially nauseating for Clinton to present herself as a role model for young girls.

    “Yes little girls, find yourself a man who could one day be a president. No matter how much he publicly humiliates and abuses you, stay with him because he will be your meal ticket. Once you swallow your pride, it will be easier to cheat, steal, and lie which worked beautifully for me!”

    Never has anyone gotten so much with so little.

    • Brian Baker

      “Never has anyone gotten so much with so little.”

      Yeah, no s***.

  • Nishka


    • tech

      “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” – FDR

      You’ve spoken enough, have you not? I recommend you take a pause for sobering reflection.

    • Brian Baker

      And a Prozac.

  • Nishka

    The start of the insults has begun !!!!!

    • Brian Baker

      That was a compliment.

    • tech

      Really? I considered it an offer of assistance in light of your professed depression , Nishka.

    • tech

      A refresher to aid your memory:

      “A very divided country where the extremist will backlash at any provocation that they don’t agree with,
      or any hate and fear that is preached to them !!!!!!!
      America will never be great again with this type of action and outlook !!!” – Nishka

  • nohatejustdebate

    Nishka, no one has said more insulting things than you, especially about Donald Trump. What does it say about Hillary Clinton that America actually preferred Trump to her?

    • Brian Baker

      Res ipsa loquitur.

  • hopeful

    I have had fun looking back in the Signal archives. For your reading pleasure, along with confirmation of the hypocritical left, I suggest you click on some of these columns written in 2008 before the Presidential election:

    “I hate you, Hillary Clinton” written by Gary Horton:
    “I hate you because you’re a narcissistic candidate damaging your own party’s prospects because of your limitless self-obsession and greed for power..I hate you for your lies and exaggerations. Maybe it’s the stress of 24/7 campaigning, but more likely you simply don’t have a functional moral compass discerning the difference between truth and political expediency..Hillary, I hate you because you’re duplicitous and a deceiver. You outright lie about rushing through blazing gunfire, and when caught, brush off the lie as though it was simply a failed old memory. Well, if your memory is what failed, you’re medically unfit to be president. If it’s not, then your integrity is the fault, and you’re morally unfit to be president…And I hate you, Hillary Clinton, because you will always be a divider of our nation…And perhaps most of all, Hillary Clinton, I hate you for something you can’t even control. I hate what you represent. Dynasty politics. Just as we sure as hell don’t ever need another Bush, we don’t need another Clinton, either.”

    “Stop spending on things we can’t afford” written by Gary Horton:
    “These days, money’s tight all over America. It’s tight for workers, and it’s tight for the nation overall. I’m not sure whether our personal “borrow and spend” predilections affected our politicians’ “borrow and blow” habits, or whether it’s the inverse that’s true. But whatever came first, the end result is we’ve got Matterhorns of debt piled up all around us — the greatest being the $9.2 trillion engineered by the prodigal Bush administration and his Republican Congress…Something’s got to give under all this debt, and what’s giving is America’s stature and standard of living. Had we been paying our way for this national excess with equivalently higher taxes, citizens would have long ago revolted, demanding cutbacks in the spurious luxuries of national ego. When you pay as you go you’re careful about what goes in and out of your cart…Most of us have lived at least somewhat beyond our means. So now we have to take the ego hit and reduce or eliminate spending on what we can’t really afford. Appearances must give way to hard reality as we readjust our lifestyles to sustainable budgets.”

    “We can’t afford more of the same” written by Gary Horton:
    “Republicans, after torching America for eight full years, shamelessly and incredulously pointed collective fingers at the one guy completely clean of the ashes and cinders – Barack Obama. When in trouble, pin the tail on the Donkey and hope no one notices the switcheroo…Should new branding get the Republican product sold – will the real McCain be able to force real change against the inertia of the entrenched Republican elite? Or will it be “Four more years of the same?”
    Can we trust a new captain, or do we need a whole new crew? We have a lot riding on that question. America can’t afford “more of the same” – regardless of however fancy the packaging.”

    • Brian Baker

      Oh, that’s absolutely priceless, hopeful.

    • tech

      An illuminating bit of history your research discovered, hopeful! I particularly enjoyed the variability of “standards” Gary Horton employed for political expediency.

      Isn’t it wonderful how the written word can be recorded for posterity?

    • Now that was entertaining. Kind of felt like I was watching one of those Southwest Airlines “wanna get away” commercials.

    • noonan

      That was brilliant hopeful! It almost brings a tear to my eyes thinking of Horton reading his own words and how empty they must seem right now.

  • Gee…I guess I will park a sod truck on Garys corner. He won’t mind. And all those illegals he hires to burn and blow toxic fumes with the landscape blowers are really greening So Cal. And the 99.9 % that voted for Hillary here ? I guess that puts us whites to one tenth of a percent. Mr Horton 40% of us CALIFORNIANS voted for President Elect Donald Trump !! Male white America is less than 20 %. and prob less here. AND just as you DEMS , not progressives mind you, predicted the loser will be whining. Time to get back to the basics where peoplle work for a living, the government is not tyrannical as it has been the last 8 years, and we work together. Not divide as the present regime has done a terrific job doing while calling decent people haters. I am so sick of your thinking. People like you hire illegals for cheap labor under the guise of love. Partys over Buddy. Time to be an American. not a socialist elite.

  • Ed Shalom

    I must agree with Jim De Bree’s observation that : “This is a stunning result. It sort of reminds me of the adage, be careful what you ask for, you might get it.”

    As such, with regard to the bogey-man threats that mad-as-hell Republicans would freeze a Clinton administration in his tracks, it is now plausible that Trump will now be faced with the threat of exposure of nasty deeds and DOJ investigations of the most serious crimes.

    Specifically, perhaps the most egregious crimes of Trump appears to be an unseemly collusion with the Russians, in which he may have paid a very high price of their help in this campaign. It also raises the specter that V. Putin’s help came at a very steep price, one in which the Trump campaign may have engaged in treasonable acts. The collusion with Putin is a great check-mate by the grandmaster Putin against the rube Donald Trump, in which Putin can now “blackmail” his puppet Trump in doing his bidding, or be scorched by the Russian hack machine.

    • tech

      Your rage and conspiracy theories are laughter provoking, Mr. Shalom. Please, please keep posting! 😀

      Take responsibility for the failure of The Party, comrade.

  • Ed Shalom

    Whoops !!! I almost forgot the clincher !!! Just think – as evidence of a treasonous deal between Trump and Putin emerges, how will Trump’s base react ? Just consider how the blue-collar males who were betrayed will react to the fact that their hero is a traitor to America….the pitchforks will be out, but not for Hillary….


    • tech

      “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.” – Thomas Paine

  • noonan

    Shalom, you’re delusional if you think Trump’s DOJ will investigate him for your silly claims. And they are silly. I also note you ignore the Uranium One issue, good one!

    If the DOJ investigates any candidate, it will by Clinton for your laundry list of crimes. But I’ll give you lefties this, you sure continue to entertain. The term “gracious losers” is only half correct.

  • Ed Shalom

    I am always impressed by lofty quotes, but before you declare someone has renounced reason, you must reasonably first demonstrate that they are wrong. Where is the chapter and verse to demonstrate this ? I can guarantee you the Russians did NOT have contacts with Secretary Clinton’s staff, and the did NOT leak correspondence between Humpty Trumpty’s staff….or should we call him Donald John (“Don Juan”) Trump ? Didja every check out the sexy photos of Don Juan embracing his daughter ? (Just google “Trump Ivanka photos weird”) It does make sense that a sex criminal might have urges in the incestuous domain….

    Anyway, here’s a lofty saying for you by Ben Franklin:
    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    I must agree with Noonan that I’d be “delusional” if I thought Trump’s DOJ will investigate him. However, Noonan misses the point, since “Don Juan” is not the President at this time. As such, it is incumbent upon the current Attorney General to appoint a Special Prosecutor, whose term would extend past Jan 20. Maybe you remember Kenneth Starr, who was appointed to investigate Whitewater, and who spent $ 100 million investigating sex on behalf of trailer trash Paula Jones, and who resigned from being President of Baylor due to turning a deaf ear to rapes on the campus….A Special Prosecutor will stick to the Russian/Trump connection like stink sticks to s…t.

    I am not a gracious loser when my ability to vote for President is ripped off by Putin and Bush, the biggest criminals one can imagine.

    • tech

      “… you must reasonably first demonstrate that they are wrong.”

      Incorrect. You’re failing again at logic in your attempt to shift the burden of proof. It is *you* that must prove your Russian collusion assertion (conspiracy theory).

      You can’t, therefore you demonstrably lack a reasoned position. However, my Paine quote was focused on the usefulness of engaging in your amateur grade circular arguments. Stated differently, a person whose opinion isn’t based on reason and facts can’t be persuaded by the use of them.

      Carry on. Your ravings are immensely entertaining!

  • Ed Shalom

    Correction: Putin, Bush (WMD liar), and Trump are the biggest criminals one can imagine.

    • Oh man, it’s you again? I thought after you got exposed as a sniveling little pantywaist you would never have returned. Apparently you are one of those that truly has no shame.

      But please, do continue posting hyperbolic fact free screeds, they are wildly entertaining!

  • noonan

    Bush? HAHAHAHAHAHA…..No stop it, HAHAHAHAHA….Bush? Really? Come on, my stomach is hurting. You do know all the Bush’s voted for Clinton. You’re a funny guy Ed, friggin hilarious!


    Suck on it libtards!

  • tech

    I’ve read on the internet that “Love trumps hate” involves far more assault and arson than expected.