U.S. President-elect Donald Trump smiles as he arrives to speak at an election night rally, early Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in New York. AP Photo
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Nobody thought it was possible, but Donald Trump ripped the presidential election right out of Hillary Clinton’s hands on Tuesday night.

Winning the states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida, Donald Trump was handed a mandate, according to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Though thousands of disillusioned college students are holed up in their safe spaces, the American people are breathing a huge sigh of relief and enjoying a renewed sense of hope.

Though they lost some seats, the House and Senate will remain under Republican control. Across the country, Republicans gained seats in both houses of state legislatures in historically Democrat states like Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Washington and Ohio.

Right here in Santa Clarita, Steve Knight held his seat in the House; Scott Wilk won his bid for the state Senate, and Dante Acosta won his bid for the state Assembly. Congratulations to all of them!

When it was clear that Hillary Clinton had lost the election, liberal New York Times pundit Paul Krugman tweeted, “America, we hardly knew ye. Certainly I misjudged the country. … I truly thought I knew my country better than it turns out I did.”

Liberals, elitists and the mainstream media are completely out of touch with the American electorate, yet they will never blame themselves for that disconnect.

The Democrats openly displayed their level of disdain for voters by nominating an exonerated criminal, Hillary Clinton, and expecting voters to hand her the presidency.

The Democrat strategy of labeling average Americans as racists and dividing the country along racial lines worked against them. Americans are fed up with the endless use of political correctness to quash free speech and steal our liberties.

Democrats see themselves as being smarter and more enlightened than the unwashed masses they rule. They see themselves as above the law and fail to recognize that the American people value the Constitution and the rule of law.

Without those foundations, we are nothing more than a banana republic.

On Wednesday morning, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gave very gracious speeches about accepting the outcome of the election, coming together as Americans and giving the new president the opportunity to lead.

Although they sounded genuine, let’s not kid ourselves for one moment in believing that the Democrats led by Chuck Schumer in the Senate have any intention of working in a bipartisan manner with President Trump.

After Paul Krugman tweeted he had misjudged his country, he finished with something we must not dismiss: “The road back begins tomorrow.”

Let’s not forget: the Democrats are still leftist ideologues. They will not let this presidential election stop them from pushing their Marxist agenda.

They will do everything in their power to stop President Trump and take him down. I hope and pray the Republicans, and Mr. Trump, understand this and prepare themselves.

Hillary Clinton was thoroughly rejected. It is time for her to hang up her political boxing gloves. She needs to either go to jail or just go away.

Terri Lovell is a lifetime resident of Santa Clarita, a former home school mom, a current College of the Canyons student and a member of a local Republican club.

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  • Most Excellent.

  • robert stauffer

    For the first time in 8 years I felt proud of my country.

  • Brian Baker

    I particularly like the part about going to jail.

  • indy

    Op-ed: Winning the states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida, Donald Trump was handed a mandate, according to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

    Indy: Hillary ‘won’ the total popular vote . . . mandate nonsense is just that . . .

    Op-ed: Though thousands of disillusioned college students are holed up in their safe spaces, the American people are breathing a huge sigh of relief and enjoying a renewed sense of hope.

    Indy: Trump actually became a ‘super politician’ making promises he’ll never be able to keep . . . which will only further frustrate the public.

    Reciting outdated folklore ignores the economic reality facing us in a globalized world where most of the public doesn’t understand why jobs are off shored or why wages have stagnated last 40 years . . . or even their role in it (think buying cheap off shored manufactured products sends a powerful economic signal . . . your money . . . to keep producing products in the nation’s with the lowest wages . . . think unsustainable global population . . . adding 75,000,000 or so ‘net’ workers to the planets ‘each year’ . . . flooding global labor markets driving wages down . . . see your high school economics textbook ‘supply/demand’ labor market graph)

    Since neither candidate would address the economics in play, frustrated voters went for a candidate promising to return jobs . . . but never discussed how or the economic reality in place.

    Op-ed: Liberals, elitists and the mainstream media are completely out of touch with the American electorate, yet they will never blame themselves for that disconnect.

    Indy: This type of ‘political speak’ ignores the reality facing us and ‘blames’ ideology of the ‘other party’ which is just as clueless as libertarian market fundamentalism that has grasped the GOP . . . think promoting ‘limitless growth’ on a ‘fixed rock in space’ . . .

    I do agree the media is just as ‘clueless’ . . . and thus their promotion of mindless political theater creates this type of comment that ignores the economic reality in place.

    In any event, Trump is now the president elect . . . my hope is that is ‘rises’ to the dignity of the office and governs accordingly.

    If he just recites outdated and failing conservative ideology, things won’t get any better . . . I’m hoping that he ‘wakes’ up to the reality facing the nation and breaks up the ‘establishment’ stranglehold on the congress and ‘levels’ up with the public.

    President Reagan learned a lot on the job . . . and acted to change things in his second term but even he lacked the economic judgements that might have changed our future even back then.

    Until sustainability becomes a ‘common’ concept, nothing is going to change . . . voters of both parties will remain frustrated . . . and the ‘blame’ game will be directed at people of color as many white Americans try to hold on to a folklore that no longer maps to the modern world.

    • tech

      “Indy: Hillary ‘won’ the total popular vote . . . mandate nonsense is just that . . .”

      As you know, states elect Presidents via the Electoral College, not “popular vote”, Indy. Regardless, the popular vote tally isn’t final nor is the projected Electoral College landslide in dispute.


      Fun fact: “Sustainability” had zero impact on the election, let alone “frustration” (except yours). Prediction: Lather, rinse, repeat forevermore.


  • Nishka

    ” Americans voted for change – against a rigged economy that benefits only those at the top. They did not vote for more trickle-down economics that favors the rich and big corporations.”

    “Americans voted for change because for too many their wages have been stagnant and they can’t get ahead. Yet, Trump’s tax plan will increase inequality and reduce opportunity. It’s more of the same – huge tax giveaways to the wealthy and corporations.”

    • tech

      In a world of Trumpism and Clintonism, there’s only one place for globalist-minded elites to go.

      “The Democratic Party has not been a total slouch, offering policies friendly to health-care executives, entertainment moguls, and tech titans. In fact, financial support for Democrats among the 1 percent of the 1 percent has risen dramatically, more than trebling since 1980. Traditionally, though, the Republican Party has been seen as the better friend to the wealthy, offering lower taxes, fewer business regulations, generous defense contracts, increased global trade, high immigration, and resistance to organized labor. It’s been the buddy of homebuilders, oil barons, defense contractors, and other influential business leaders.”


  • noonan


    What is the worlds record for continuous smiling?

  • Clay Rawlins

    *They will do everything in their power to stop President Trump and take him down. I hope and pray the Republicans, and Mr. Trump, understand this and prepare themselves.*
    How dare they act like the Republiklans did.

    • tech


      Scintillating, CC!

  • Nishka


    • Brian Baker


      A classic case of pot meeting kettle.

  • Nishka

    *They will do everything in their power to stop President WHO !!!!!!!

  • Nishka

    “Russian officials were in contact with Trump advisers during the presidential campaign”

  • Nishka

    “A classic case of pot meeting kettle.”

    “Russian officials were in contact with Trump advisers during the presidential campaign” HAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Nishka

    ” A candidate is judged by who supports him?”
    “It was that endorsement by the Ku Klux Klan that gave Donald Trump the presidency. He must be proud!”
    GOD HELP US: That is how his followers feel!!!!!!

    • Brian Baker

      Well, projie, maybe you should join Kanye West … you know, Mr. Kim Kardashian?… in Canada. You can enjoy group hissy fits. Classes on creative crying. Like that.

    • tech

      Jonathan Pie wants to have a word, Nishka.

      Warning: NSFW or children (language)


      • Brian Baker

        Bro, that was Hillaryous!

      • That was probably the most truthful response to the election I have seen.

      • hopeful

        That guy has it right, Tech! Thanks for sharing that video!

      • tech

        A NE “Progressive” in my personal timeline who is a soi-disant “Centrist” (votes straight D) posted this video and sardonically wrote “He seems angry.”

        Because he can be intellectually honest at times, I responded with this:

        A bit, yes.

        But he does make a point about the Left’s inability to articulate a cogent visionary argument and defend it.

        I see no equivalent to an FDR, Daniel Patrick Moynihan or Hubert Humphrey today. And you’ll have to admit the leadership of the Democratic Party is very old and without a deep bench.

        The bleak reality is the Democrats will have to defend 25 Senate seats in the 2018 mid-terms, the GOP only 8. Obama has destroyed his party with his arrogant overreach and there’s little prospect Democrats will regain the majority in the House. With the exception of a handful of deep blue states, the story is, incredibly, worse.

        Democrats really need to reevaluate their intolerance, condescension and identity politics. It’s the root causation of their failure. Just look at their incoherent and ineffectual rage spilled in the media. It’s not a good look and persuades no one.

        Still, politics is full of surprises.

        • Brian Baker

          I agree, and this is a large part of what I discussed in the column I published on my blog a couple of weeks before the election:


          In the column I discuss the fact that I considered the race far from over because I thought the pollsters weren’t capturing the dynamic of what was REALLY happening on the ground, and that the polls were wrong. Much of that problem was caused by the negativity of the race and the repulsion factor of the candidates.

          But whereas Trump was basing his campaign, essentially, on what are allegedly GOP core issues, Clinton’s campaign was based almost wholly on “fear Trump” and identity politics, so it was actually pretty hollow. There was no “there” there.

          As you say, that’s the Achilles Heel of the Dem/socialists’ strategy moving forward. It’s dependent on boogey men, with no actual policy goals to which they can point that resonate with that vast “flyover” body politic that felt motivated to come out this time to express the fact that they’re fed up.

          Back in the Nixon era, they were referred to as the “silent majority”. It’s the group that came out and repeatedly gave Reagan landslides, and another one this time for Trump (at least Electorally). It’s the same group that Reagan was referring to with his “big tent” metaphor.

          I think it also symbolizes the waning appeal of the far left fringe of that party, and their death grip on its agenda. If the Dem/socialists don’t get away from that, and move as a party toward a more centrist and moderate stance, I think their problems are going to increase in the future.

  • Nishka


  • Nishka

    “Africa leads outcry over setback for feminism after Trump victory” VERY SAD!!!!!

  • Nishka

    “If you voted for Trump because he’s ‘anti-establishment,’ guess what: You got conned”
    And if you didn’t vote you also got conned !!!
    “The greatest trick the Groper pulled was convincing voter’s he’d be ” anti-establishment”

  • Nishka

    “Shunned during election season by many in his own party, President-elect Trump’s closest advisers are a collection of crackpots, self proclaimed Trump puppets “who will make Bush’s cabinet look like the Nobel committee.

  • nohatejustdebate

    To say the left has lost their minds presumes they had a mind to lose. The reason they’re all acting so crazy is because they never saw it coming. The media did everything it could to convince voters that this was going to be an easy win for Clinton – and they believed the liars in the media. Now that reality has hit, they don’t know how to respond.

    What we’re seeing in these protests is the generation that was raised getting a trophy just for showing up.

  • nohatejustdebate

    Where is the Rational Center to sort all this out for us?

    We know if Clinton had won, John Zaring would be rubbing it everyone conservative’s face. Now that his corrupt candidate was beaten, Zaring is in hiding. More likely, wearing a straitjacket in some rubber room somewhere. What a coward.

  • Ed Shalom

    I must commend Nishka for taking on the “alt-right posse”, especially for the observation regard Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, since this collusion, combined with Cowardly Comey’s acts, almost certainly stole this election. Since the posse’s reaction is that they are happy to benefit from stolen goods, decent people are challenged to take action. An open letter, posted on Facebook and pasted below, suggests a very fruitful avenue for bringing the thieves to justice, and LOCKING THEM UP (you may e-mail this message, or one of your own choosing, to the Attorney General at :

    Nov. 14, 2016

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Ms. Attorney General:

    I am writing to you in response to numerous news reports from reputable sources in which a senior Russian diplomat is quoted as saying that Russian government officials had contacts with members of Donald Trump’s campaign team. A sample report from the Washington Post is cited between the dotted lines below:
    By David Filipov and Andrew Roth
    November 10

    MOSCOW — Russian government officials had contacts with members of Donald Trump’s campaign team, a senior Russian diplomat said Thursday, in a disclosure that could reopen scrutiny over the Kremlin’s role in the president-elect’s bitter race against Hillary Clinton.

    Facing questions about his ties to Moscow because of statements interpreted as lauding Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, Trump repeatedly denied having any contact with the Russian government.

    After the latest statement by the Russian diplomat, Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks denied that there were interactions between Russia and the Trump team before Tuesday’s election.

    “The campaign had no contact with Russian officials,” she said in an email.

    But Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said in an interview with the state-run Interfax news agency that “there were contacts” with the Trump team.
    Therefore, I believe this specific subject needs to be investigated further. These findings indicate there has been inappropriate and unlawful interference by a foreign government with a US Presidential election

    The nature of these communications, and whether any quid-pro-quo was stated or implied, and any related helpful actions to Trump by the Russians, are of grave concern to our democracy. This issue should be added onto existing concerns regarding the conclusion by US intelligence officials that Russians at the highest level were complicit in dumping hacked/stolen documents via WikiLeaks into the election process. There is no doubt that this interference via Wikileaks gave fodder to Trump’s campaign in their assault upon Hillary Clinton and her associates.

    This damage to Hillary Clinton’s campaign were compounded by the egregious serial violations by James Comey in violating established protocols regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails, culminating in both an “October Surprise” as well as a “November Surprise” (too late to repair the damage). As you know, James Comey’s actions were not only totally reckless, but exceeded the bounds of his role in the DOJ.

    As such, these numerous “smoking guns” involving actions of the Russians and the Trump campaign could easily have been responsible for tipping the close election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    As it now stands, it is likely we have an imposter President-elect in Donald Trump, whereby his “victory” in the election was purchased by nefarious means.

    The nature of the connections between Russia and the Trump campaign could violate US law and be part of a coup by a foreign power to sway the results of our election, and as such constitute treason by Americans, and hostile actions by a foreign power. This is too volatile a subject to be left to James Comey, who should recuse himself from any investigations regarding Donald Trump and Secretary Clinton, both ongoing and in the future.

    Due to the fact that these issues are being raised during the Presidential transition period, it is essential for the DOJ to immediately assign a special prosecutor to investigate this thoroughly. Having a special prosecutor in place before the change of administration can help to ensure that this inquiry is not squelched by an administration that owes its existence to a crime of the highest order.

    • tech

      Risible! 😀

  • nohatejustdebate

    Who would Russia have preferred as the next U.S. President?

    A weak push-over like Clinton with her meaningless re-set button, failed tenure as Secretary of State, commitment to reducing the military, devotion to continue the failed policies to further weaken America, and a proven track record of selling America’s influence to the top bidder or Trump who has vowed to rebuild the military, stand against tyranny, and wants to make America great again?

  • Ed Shalom

    Nohatejustdebate :

    You argue that the Russians would prefer Secretary Clinton as the POTUS vs. Trump.
    The problem with your thesis is that is has been overcome by actual events. in which Putin and his agents are cooing up to Donald, which he has very much reciprocated.

    The question for now is why the fact that Donald John (“John Juan”) Trump is a SEXUAL CRIMINAL does not concern you….perhaps it is the catchy slogan the “alt-right psycho posse” cam up with:

  • noonan

    Sexual criminal huh? What’s next, calling him Hitler? You guys crack me up. Come on, you can do better with bigger and better and more outrageous hyperbole than that Shalom.

  • Ed Shalom

    Your are 100 % correct, there are even more outrageous conclusions about Don Juan that we could reach.

    It is a fact that Don Juan boasted about grabbing woman’s genitals, and even right-wingers agree that this is sexual assault. I can only hope and pray that Don Juan will bring lawsuits against the dozen women that have had the courage to accuse him, and cannot wait for the discovery portion of these lawsuits (alas, while DJ is stupid, he is not this stupid).

    This evidence of DJ’s personality as a sex criminal is deplorable enough, but if one searches at Googol Images under key words such as Trump, Ivanka, and weird, we discover numerous photos of Don Juan and his daughter in the most suggestive poses….not suggesting that Donald has actually committed incest, only that he dreams about it…we know he has stated that he would love to date his daughter…

    May God Save America !!!! (from Trump)

  • noonan

    You know he dreams about committing incest with his daughter? My lord, Christ has returned and he’s named Ed!

    God did save America Shalom, you just aren’t smart enough to see it yet. By the way, do we have to wait until January to start building the wall and kicking out criminal illegals?

  • noonan

    Ed, your problem is that you’re suffering from Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD). See your Obamacare doctor and get that taken care of.

  • nohatejustdebate

    Funny Ed, you chide me for my question which you say is not based on actual events though you cannot disprove anything I said. But speaking of “actual events”, what evidence do you have that Trump has been convicted as a sexual criminal or if this was proven true that it would not bother me? Facts Ed.

    And Ed, while you’re searching for porn on Google, we’ll be appointing strong conservative judges on the Supreme Court to determine the law for the rest of your lifetime.

    • lockerroom

      if since he gets to pick his judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is…

  • Ed Shalom

    (Laughter is the BEST Medicine)

    The “Vagina Monlogues” Revisited
    by Melania Tramp

    HE is Real
    HE is Raw
    HE is my husband

    I believe in HIM
    I forgive HIM


    It feels SO GOOD
    When he grabs my PUSSY
    While giving


    His MONEY