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Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

As of this writing, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 798,000 votes. Approximately 4 million votes remain to be counted, largely in blue states like California.

It’s estimated that when the dust settles Hillary Clinton will have beaten Donald Trump by some 1,700,000 votes. Yes, Donald Trump won the election. And voters in America preferred Hillary Clinton by 1.7 million votes.

Two hundred and seventy Electoral College votes are required to win. Donald Trump rather brilliantly stitched together an Electoral College victory, knitting together an odd coalition of soccer moms, angry old white men, alt-right scary nationalist folks, economically struggling types, and ordinary Americans simply looking for a much-needed movement in American politics.

So an honest “congratulations” to Mr. Trump on this win. To Trump’s credit, he rightly saw what others did not and demonstrated cunning and foresight. We hope his keen skills of insight into human nature serve our country for good and not for ill.

So congratulations. But please, don’t call Donald Trump’s victory a mandate. And surely, do not call it a movement.

Donald Trump scored his win by one of the narrowest margins ever. Hillary beat him soundly in the popular vote, and, counting third-party candidates, some 8,000,000 more Americans voted against Trump than for him.

Nearly 10 percent more voted against Trump than for him. Hillary and “others” were roundly preferred over Donald Trump. Statistically, Trump has far from national or majority support.

Trump’s victory gets even thinner looking at how narrowly he won two key states to capture his Electoral College win. He won Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes by 120,000 popular votes.

He won Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral college votes by 68,000 popular votes. For the 188,000 popular votes in these two states, Hillary Clinton lost 49 Electoral College votes and thus lost the presidency. And this, opposed to her win of over 1,700,000 popular votes, overall.

Call this a victory by America’s quirky Electoral College election system. But there’s no sour grapes about it – this was a well-calculated achievement by Donald Trump.

He shot, he scored, he won by the rules of the game as they exist. But do not call this a public mandate or more – a movement. This is one of the most fragile victory and victory coalitions assembled in modern times.

Just 188,000 voters in two states have completely changed the course of the country and perhaps the course of the world.

That’s 188,000 votes in two states, versus 1.7 million across the nation, that have selected the next Supreme Court justices.

Just 188,000 geographically constrained votes, as opposed to the entire nation’s will, have determined America’s action on climate change. This tiny, tiny minority – as opposed to the overall will of the people, will determine the fate of millions of Hispanics and others.

This tiny minority will determine women’s access to personal choices. This tiny minority, this unintended quirk of the system, will dictate more wars or less, more freedom or less, more civility or less.

Trump won the Electoral College because 188,000 voters in two states went for his pitch. Because of quirks in the Electoral College system, .0014 of all voters overturned the overwhelming popular vote of the American public.

A mandate this is not. A mistake it likely is.

Still, we have been a nation of laws and we hope we shall remain so. President Obama has been most gracious in supporting President-elect Trump, and he has urged all Americans to follow his example and to support Trump and the office of the presidency with all good will.

And I will, and I hope you will. We want our president to succeed, as his success in moving America forward is all our successes. And this is regardless of party affiliation. We all want to move the country forward.

Trump has many good ideas and has many troubling ones. He has good advisers and shockingly frightening advisers. Few know exactly what the future may bring through a Trump presidency, and perhaps Trump himself still hasn’t figured it out.

We can only hope that, once in office, the weight of that office will temper his judgment, steady his hand, and that the promise of history will convince him to do the right thing for all Americans – not just for the consumers of his nationalist rhetoric, that odd tipping point in an odd election where 188,000 Floridians and Pennsylvanians overrode the overall will of the country.

May Donald Trump succeed. His plans for infrastructure and business tax code revisions may truly propel the country forward.

And, with a Republican Congress on his side, he won’t face the obstructionism that Obama fought for six years. This is a unique chance to finally get positive things done if Trump acts positively. And we hope this unique man can envision the potential and build a great future.

But Trump should remember as far as a mandate goes, most Americans opposed him. He should remember his election was tenuous, at best.

Graciousness and thoughtfulness would seem to be the best approach forward.

Gary Horton is a Santa Clarita resident. “Full Speed to Port!” appears Wednesdays in The Signal.

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  • Brian Baker


    Jeez, Horton, are you hoping those sour grapes in your mouth are going to turn into wine? Because you’ve certainly got the WHINE down pat.

    Oh, I guess I could go into comparisons about how your beloved ObaMessiah didn’t have a “mandate”, either, and yet tried to undermine the entire foundation of this country, but why bother? It’s just SO much more fun watching you Dem/socialists setting your hair on fire about this election outcome.

    Here’s the bottom line: no matter how bad Trump was — and I think we all agree he’s no Ronald Reagan — YOUR candidate was orders of magnitude WORSE. Once Trump was nominated by the GOP, it was your party’s election to lose, and lose it you did by nominating a lying, scheming, felonious career corruptocrat who doesn’t have a single redeeming quality. And you had to indulge in intra-party cheating and shenanigans to even do that!

    God, this is simply… swe-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-t.

    • indy


      As you see from this poster’s remarks, the ‘Hillary’ hate played an important role in her loss . . . after decades of made up conspiracies, innuendo and speculation.

      Add to that the GOP obstructionism and you can see why frustrated voters were willing to gamble the nation’s future on Trump.

      And while Hillary is just a ‘politician’, her chances of doing anything with continued GOP obstructionism no doubt played into the Trump victory since voters felt four more years of obstruction hurt republican voters as well as everyone else.

      As far as this poster ignoring your ‘mandate’ issue, it’s true that Hillary won the population vote by over a half million votes.

      So, the nation’s stays divided mostly over outdated folklore and ideology.

      As far as socialism goes, most Americans are satisfied with social security, Medicare, military, public roads, public education, fire, police, parks, FAA and courts . . . all ‘socialistic’ in their nature to serve all of the public.

      So we’re left with a president elect putting in ‘GOP establishment’ politicians even though voters ‘thought’ they were going to get a non-establishment change.

      All we can hope for now is the Trump recognizes the responsibility of the office and desires to not have a legacy of corruption and crony capitalism.

      For now, he’s got to be given his opportunity . . . and who knows, the loss of ‘Hillary and Obama’ hatreds may expose many of the GOP politicians that haven’t anything else to add.

      • Indy, you commented, “As you see from this poster’s remarks, the ‘Hillary’ hate played an important role in her loss . . . ”

        In light of Gary’s “I hate Hillary” column from 2008, do you think her loss is attributable to the “old” hate of 2008, or just the nuveau hate of 2016?

        • indy

          I like your new name . . . just as entertaining!

          • hopeful

            New name for who, Indy?

          • Thank you. It’s the name I was born with. I guess your parents wanted something original, like Liberace or Prince, so they chose Indy, right?

      • Brian Baker

        Eric, you missed the obvious in wIndybag’s comment: he couldn’t bring himself in it anywhere to admit that the Hildebeest was a lousy candidate for the office. His ONLY criticism of her? “Hillary is just a ‘politician’”.

        Talk about being in denial!

  • Ed Shalom

    Mr. Horton:

    It is nice of you to sing “kumbabya” to the dangerous klatch who feel emboldened to feel they DO have a mandate to change our country with such a skimp victory. Do you think the Donald John (“Don Juan”) lemmings would be so gracious if the situation were reversed ?

    To the contrary, there are extremely serious issues regarding this “victory”, such as Putin’s hand in it – just look at recent concerns voiced by Republican senators L. Graham and J. (“Coward” in Don Juan’s book) McCain.

    Don Juan lemmings want to ignore hostile foreign intervention in our elections, and perhaps treasonable collusion with Don Juan’s campaign, and sex crimes by our next President, in order to feast upon their ill-gotten gains. This is treason is my book.

    Rather than giving in, having suffered through a week of helplessness, I now feel it premature for those of us who were shocked at the usurpation of our Presidency via dirty Donald’s lies and tricks to “stand down”. It could very well be that the bogey-man threat of endless investigations into Secretary Clinton might be replaced by serious investigations into Trump. The article below spurred me to compose and send a letter to US Attorney General Lynch calling for a special prosecutor. If you wish to contact her, you can do so easily at the following web address, and borrow any portions of the text of the letter below, which was posted on Facebook:

    Keep the Faith !

    Nov. 10, 2016

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Ms. Attorney General:

    I am writing to you in response to numerous news reports from reputable sources in which a senior Russian diplomat is quoted as saying that Russian government officials had contacts with members of Donald Trump’s campaign team. A sample report from the Washington Post is cited below:
    By David Filipov and Andrew Roth
    November 10

    MOSCOW — Russian government officials had contacts with members of Donald Trump’s campaign team, a senior Russian diplomat said Thursday, in a disclosure that could reopen scrutiny over the Kremlin’s role in the president-elect’s bitter race against Hillary Clinton.

    Facing questions about his ties to Moscow because of statements interpreted as lauding Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, Trump repeatedly denied having any contact with the Russian government.

    After the latest statement by the Russian diplomat, Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks denied that there were interactions between Russia and the Trump team before Tuesday’s election.

    “The campaign had no contact with Russian officials,” she said in an email.

    But Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said in an interview with the state-run Interfax news agency that “there were contacts” with the Trump team.
    I believe this specific subject needs to be investigated further. It suggests inappropriate and perhaps unlawful interference by a foreign government with a US Presidential election

    The nature of these communications, and whether any quid-pro-quo was stated or implied, and any related helpful actions to Trump by the Russians, are of grave concern to our democracy. This issue should be added onto existing concerns regarding the conclusion by US intelligence officials that Russians at the highest level were complicit in dumping hacked/stolen documents via WikiLeaks into the election process. There is no doubt that this interference via Wikileaks gave fodder to Trump’s campaign in their assault upon Hillary Clinton and her associates.

    This damage to Hillary Clinton’s campaign were compounded by the egregious serial violations by James Comey in violating established protocols regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails, culminating in both an “October Surprise” as well as a “November Surprise” (too late to repair the damage). As you know, James Comey’s actions were not only totally reckless, but exceeded the bounds of his role in the DOJ.

    As such, these numerous “smoking guns” involving actions of the Russians and the Trump campaign could easily have been responsible for tipping the close election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    As it now stands, it is likely we have an imposter President-elect in Donald Trump, whereby his “victory” in the election was purchased by nefarious means.

    The nature of the connections between Russia and the Trump campaign could violate US law and be part of a coup by a foreign power to sway the results of our election, and as such constitute treason by Americans, and hostile actions by a foreign power. This is too volatile a subject to be left to James Comey, who should recuse himself from any investigations regarding Donald Trump and Secretary Clinton, both ongoing and in the future.
    Due to the fact that these issues are being raised during the Presidential transition period, it is essential for the DOJ to immediately assign a special prosecutor to investigate this thoroughly.

    • Brian Baker

      More American Marxist bleating and whining.

      Gotta love it!

    • What a silly little man. Isn’t there a safe space you need to go cower in?

  • hopeful


    • Nishka

      HATE, HATE,HATE !!!!!!

      • hopeful

        Says the person, who is a hypocrite just as much as the person, who voiced that “hate” against Hillary Clinton!!!

      • Lois, you do realize that Hopeful was merely quoting Gary from a column he wrote in 2008, don’t you?

  • noonan

    Don’t worry Horton. Your brilliant party is going to pick Keith Ellison to lead it, proving once again you can lead a horse to water……

    The word of the day continues to be schadenfreude.

  • Nishka

    “Gary Horton: Don’t call it a mandate”
    “God, this is simply… s w e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-t THE WAY THE THINNED SKINNED RESPONSE TO YOUR COLUMNS!!!!

    • Brian Baker


      There’s only one person here who sounds “rattled”, projie.

      But then, that’s your default state, isn’t it?

  • Nishka

    “The nature of the connections between Russia and the Trump campaign could violate US law and be part of a coup by a foreign power to sway the results of our election, and as such constitute TREASON by Americans” !!!!
    “Due to the fact that these issues are being raised during the Presidential transition period, it is essential for the DOJ to immediately assign a special prosecutor to investigate this thoroughly” !!!!!!!!!

    • Brian Baker

      Ah. One loon quoting another loon.

      This just gets better by the minute.

      • Nishka

        “Again Gary you are getting deeper into their thin skin”

        • Nishka

          “This just gets better by the minute.”

          • noonan

            Is it going to get better for you when a Jew hating Muslim is elected to run the DNC? It continues to confound me how someone with the names of Shalom and Eisenberg can continue to support the anti-Semitic Dem party.

  • Nishka

    “Bannon has been reported to the FBI, saying that he broke campaign finance laws when the pro-Trump super PAC Make America Number 1 paid $950,090 to Bannon’s company, Glittering Steel LLC”

    • You do realize that anyone can report anyone for anything to the FBI, don’t you? I could report you if I chose to. Being reported is meaningless, having the FBI investigate is something completely different, you know, like when the FBI investigated Clinton.

  • Nishka

    “The US will no longer feel like a haven for Jews under Trump”
    “Donald Trump’s election victory and his appointment of Steve Bannon have lent legitimacy to overt antisemitism”

    • Lois, you do realize that Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and her husband are Jewish, don’t you?

      • Nishka

        “Do you realize the the Groper is a racist, bigot, fear monger, spews hate, a con man,
        a circus barker, etc. etc. etc. ??????”

        • Lois, I voted for neither Trump not Clinton, so don’t take me for a Trump supporter, but you accused a man with a Jewish daughter and son-in-law of being anti-Semitic. Do you really believe that? And as for fear mongering…I have never seen more fear mongering than that coming from the anti-Trump crowd. Never.

      • noonan

        His other kids are Jews too. But facts, they are a stubborn thing for libs.

  • Ed Shalom

    Good find, Nishka: Good to see you are uncowed by the alt-right posse….It proves it is much better to be a “loon” than a “lemming”, since Darwin will take care of the lemmings in due time….

    Regarding Bannon, we can now understand why they kept this Prince of Darkness out of sight, as noted at the excerpt below from the following link:

    Trump appointee to be his senior White House adviser, Steve Bannon, was reported to the FBI and accused of a felony violation of campaign finance laws that occurred during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

    In a statement, The Democratic Coalition Against Trump explained why they reported Bannon to the FBI:

    The Democratic Coalition Against Trump reported Steve Bannon to the FBI on Tuesday morning after learning that he likely broke campaign finance laws during his time as CEO for the Trump campaign. According to FEC records, $950,090 was paid to Bannon’s company, Glittering Steel LLC, over the course of the campaign by pro-Trump super PAC, Make America Number 1. The super PAC is mainly backed by Robert and Rebekah Mercer, and Rebekah was recently named to Trump’s transition team. The most recent payment made to Glittering Steel LLC was on November 5, 2016, and a full list of the expenditures made by the PAC to Bannon’s company can be found here. Before Bannon became Trump campaign CEO in August of this year, Glittering Steel LLC was reported to the FEC at Breitbart’s address in Beverly Hills, CA. Right after Bannon became CEO, however, Glittering Steel LLC was exclusively reported to the FEC at an address in Arlington, VA.

    It is against campaign finance law for super PACs to directly coordinate with the campaigns they support, so Bannon’s role as both an employee of the super PAC and campaign CEO would have broken the law. Additionally, there is a 120-day “cooling off” period for employees once they leave a super PAC to join a campaign to help avoid coordination, which Bannon would have violated when he became Trump’s campaign CEO just 9 days after being paid by Make America Number 1. The FBI’s public corruption unit has jurisdiction to investigate campaign finance crimes, and in 2015 a campaign worker was sentenced to 2 years in prison for his role in illegal coordination between a campaign and a Super PAC.
    If the timeline above is correct, Bannon and Trump’s actions were a clear violation of campaign finance laws. The problem will be getting the FBI to investigate the senior White House adviser to the President Of The United States.

    • Brian Baker

      You guys are truly hilarious. All those conspiracy theories you’re ginning up. Impressive!

      Where were you when laws were REALLY being broken, like Holder’s Fast & Furious debacle, or the Hildebeest’s illegal home-brew email rig, with the classified data on it?

      Oh, right… I forgot. Those were YOUR people so no laws need apply.

      The amusement factor’s really high, just watching you guys running around in your frantic little snowflake circles. Do continue. Please.

    • Nishka

      “Good find, Nishka: THANK YOU ED!!!!!
      Good to see you are uncowed by the alt-right posse….It proves it is much better to be a “loon” than a “lemming”, since Darwin will take care of the lemmings in due time”
      I will continue to have good finds showing the alt-right posse that I’m uncowed by them!!!
      Love getting under their thin skin!!!!!!!

      • Bobs Rizzo

        When all the non-racist, non-misogynist, non-homophobic, non-bigoted, everyday ordinary people get so sick of you calling them racist, misogynist, homophobes, and bigots that they go out and vote against your candidate, do you:

        (A) Reevaluate your personal conduct and strategy of convincing people to share your politics?


        (B) Call them racist, misogynists, homophobes, and bigots and yell at them even more?

        Looks like the vocal you chose (B).
        And that is why your candidate lost.

      • noonan

        Is the term “alt-right” supposed to insult me? Please someone tell me, just so that I know it’s ok to laugh at being called such a silly thing.

        Lois, do you require more safety pins? Damn I love Hillary losing more than I ever thought imaginable. Trump may suck as a President, but I’m still happy as a clam he kicked her corrupt lying butt!

  • Bobs Rizzo

    The left has lost all credibility.

    They have been exposed as the party of hate and intolerance.
    Every time their gums flap its like a veritable PEZ dispenser of lies.

  • Ed Shalom


    Congrats !!! We admire how you ” Love getting under their thin skin!!!!!!! ” and how successful you are at it….

    Which leads us to an interesting question: the Don Juan lemmings and treasonous alt-right guys are crowing about how the rigged election was won, but they can’t seem to enjoy their “tremendous victory” and GET A LIFE, DUDE !!!

    Instead of enjoying life and nature, they are obsessed with trying to stamp out every expression of the hated left on this forum….They depend for the meaning of their lives upon this miniscule forum, as though their snippy remarks will be read by more than a handful of other curmudgeons….GET A LIFE, DUDE !!!

    PS: Not one of the alt-right SCV posse has EVER contested the fact that Don Juan Trump is a sexual predator…..we need to write up a quiz for the “petit testes Don Juan lemming” species, so we can get a “firm answer” to this question – it does appear that Melania Tramp actually liked being groped….

    • Ed Shalom remains delusional. You clowns are running around, hair on fire, but you claim you are getting under OUR skin? Are you on drugs, or were you born this detached from reality?

  • Steve Lunetta

    Actually, Gary, I kind-of agree. The election was not a mandate and Trump should proceed carefully and diplomatically. However, proceed he must.

    To call for the change of the electoral college system would be a mistake. People far wiser than we studied various governance systems and put them into place for our benefit. We are mighty today because of the thoughtfulness and care of our founding fathers.

    Let’s stop complaining about the election and move forward. Trying to sabotage our system will not turn out well for us.

    • tech

      Concur, Steve.

      Gary seems to be attacking a straw man of his own construction, however. Is anyone arguing Trump has a mandate? Certainly none on this site.

      Trump won a solid but unimpressive Electoral College win (Presidents aren’t elected by popular vote for Constitutional reasons) and had enough coattails for his party to retain their existing control of Congress.

      I’m not a fan of President-elect Trump nor did I vote for him. However, tens of millions of our fellow citizens did. He isn’t yet in office and it’s customary to give a newly elected President a “honeymoon” for them to establish a record before passing judgement on their effectiveness in office.

      I’m amazed at the irrationality and emotion I’m witnessing among those that don’t find the election result congenial. It’s disappointing.

      • hopeful

        Tech – you stated exactly how I feel. I was not and am not a Trump supporter, however, I am appalled with how some people are handling not getting their way. The reason I posted Gary Horton’s comments from 2008 about how much he HATED Hillary Clinton was to point out how ridiculous he and so many people like him appear now when they act as if Hillary’s loss was the worst thing to ever happen to the US.

        There is nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe, and I personally think it is a good thing for people to be involved in the political process as well as to hold their elected officials accountable, but the rage demonstrated by some people is over the top and is contrary to working together for what is good for all Americans.

        I just hope that we Americans can stop dividing ourselves and work together for our common good. As I have always done, I will stand up for equal rights for all Americans, regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, political affiliation, gender, etc. Our U.S. Constitution demands us to treat everyone equally, so isn’t it time that we follow that mandate, which is the only mandate that really matters?

        Come on people, it is time…

      • noonan

        “I’m amazed at the irrationality and emotion I’m witnessing among those that don’t find the election result congenial.”

        Are you really Tech? I would be amazed if they acted any other way. Libs are incapable of being gracious as we see on these pages.

  • nohatejustdebate

    These sore losers remind me of a football team that got upset. They gained more yardage, they had less penalties, they had more time of possession but on the scoreboard where it matters, they lost.


  • nohatejustdebate

    I am LOVING how Democrats are looking everywhere for answers except where they need to look.

    If they were smart, they be looking introspectively. How did we misread the American people so badly? Why have our policies failed so badly? Why was our polling so flawed? How could we have nominated a candidate under an FBI criminal investigation? Instead, they’re blaming their humiliating losses on hatred, racism, Comey, the Russians or everything else except themselves. It is this kind of arrogant denial that has left them on the outside looking in. I say, keep blaming it on white hatred so you become even more irrelevant.


  • nohatejustdebate

    Mr. Horton,

    The Republican Party now dominates the state legislatures, the state governors, and has been given majorities in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and now they run the White House. Obama’s legacy is in tatters and your Democratic party has been left in ruins.

    If not a mandate, what would call it?

  • Nishka

    “The world will have to wait a bit longer to see who President-elect Donald Trump appoints to his cabinet.
    The process has been slowed by a series of shake-ups at Trump Tower, which has also virtually frozen the handoff of critical information from the current administration. Mr. Trump has played down the disarray.”
    Typical of the Gropers style!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “The front-runner for secretary of state, Rudolph Giuliani, is facing questions about whether his business ties should disqualify him.”

  • nohatejustdebate

    Hey Nishka…call a waaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance!

    With every nutty post, you only look more bitter and silly. Keep ’em coming!

    • Nishka

      “Keep ’em coming!” I WILL !!!!!!!

  • Nishka

    “Congrats !!! We admire how you ” Love getting under their thin skin!!!!!!! ” and how successful you are at it….”
    It’s a God Given Talent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s the highlight of my day !!!!!

  • Wow. Just wow. Win the election ? The American people won the election. Not Trump. Political strategy, maybe. If so Good job Mr President Elect Trump.

    Mandates. God I hope not. We have had way too many the last 8 years.

    How come this President Elect is being so scrutinized by the media ? Snowflakes is the answer. Well so much for our water shortage but seriously I would be ashamed of the majority vote for Hillary and the Democratic party of spin.

  • Nishka

    “Transitioning over an entire government from one president to the next is a task that’s often full of confusion, but this one appears particularly so.” NOT SURPRISED !!!!!
    “President-elect Donald Trump’s transition is consumed by infighting and paranoia.”
    GREAT WAY TO START !!!!!!!!

  • Nishka

    “Specter of Race Shadows Jeff Sessions, Potential Trump Nominee for Cabinet”

  • I love watching losers like Ed and Lois having their little temper tantrums. It’s comical, really. They say this is the logical extension of giving trophies to children for losing. Those two must be dripping with “Participation Awards”!

    • Nishka

      “Those two must be dripping with “Participation Awards”! HOW DID YOU KNOW??????????

  • Nishka

    “Donald Trump’s First Planned Meeting With Foreign Leader Is A Complete Mess” PAR FOR THE COURSE !!!!!!!

  • nohatejustdebate

    The media got butt-screwed and they’re humiliated so it’s all out war on Trump. If Clinton had won we’d be hearing the media rave about how wonderful things are going with her stellar transition team. With Trump, every potential name being raised is a hateful, racist bigot or a criminal and they constantly throw around words like chaos, shambles, and disarray every single day even though Trump’s been at it for just over a week. The American people rejected the lies of the biased media on election night and the media is only digging themselves deeper with every new attack on Trump. Only Democratic whores from the left-wing swamp are swallowing these news stories. Some even re-post them on these threads which is truly embarrassing. Personally, I think the meltdown is highly entertaining.

  • noonan

    To Ed and Gary who discount the mandate, I just have one question. Given the substantial advantage the GOP has in state legislative bodies, governor houses, the Senate, the House, soon to be the Supreme court, and now the Presidency, WTF exactly would it take for either of you to call it a mandate? The GOP effectively holds 60-65% of the political power in this country. I’m not as smart as some of you, especially you Gary who seems to know everything, but where I come from that is very definition of mandate.

    To President elect Trump, go fast and go hard and if they don’t like it, give them the finger just as Obama did 8 years ago to McCain.

  • noonan

    And by the way, in less than 2 years we will have midterm elections where 25 Dem Senators will go for reelection while only 8 GOP will be up for grabs. Ten of the 25 are in red states meaning the Senate could be filibuster proof in 24 months.

    I realize 24 months is an eternity in politics, but sheesh. I’m loath to declare that the Dem party is on the verge of irrelevancy as the Dems said about the GOP 8 years ago, but even 8 years ago it was as bad for the GOP as it is today.

    Still mad Lois? No worries, Keith Ellison will bring the country together.

  • noonan

    ….as it is today for the Dems.

  • Ed Shalom

    The “Vagina” Monlogues Revisited
    by Melania Tramp

    HE is Real
    HE is Raw
    HE is my husband

    I believe in HIM
    I forgive HIM


    It feels SO GOOD
    When he grabs my PUSSY
    While giving


    HIS Money

    • That is low and disgusting. I would give you a high punch in the mouth if you ever said that about my wife.

    • Ed Shalom is a lowlife, what do you expect?

    • What’s most entertaining about Ed Shalom’s language is that he is not quoting Trump, he is forming his own offensive screeds with deplorable language, and posting it in his home town newspaper. Neighbors, coworkers family can all see the REAL Ed Shalom. Compare that to Trump, who used one of the words Ed is using, in what was supposed to be a private conversation.

      This Ed Shalom is a real sick puppy, I can only hope he doesn’t have small children at home, the guy is completely unhinged.

  • noonan

    You go Ed! What ya got there is a 100% winning formula. I don’t see a path for losing for you with that kind of thoughtful and profound rhetoric about our future first lady.

  • Ed Shalom


    A future lady who forgives sexual crimes ? She may forgive Don Juan, but what does she have to say to his victims ?

    Her actions prove she is a LAYdee, not a Lady.

  • Ed Shalom

    I almost forgot….Melania is now one POTUS (the Pussy of the United States), while her husband Don Juan is another POTUS (the Prick of the United States)…it is very confusing !!!!

  • noonan

    Are you calling our future first lady a whore? Come on Ed, out with it!

    And just for grins, what does that make Hillary I light of her forgiving Bill of his sexual crimes? As I recall she called his victims bimbos. I would call her a LAYdee but she’s nastier than 10 day old road kill, so I guess I’ll pass and let you be the misogynist for the day.

    Once again the left’s total and complete inability to understand the concepts of irony and hypocrisy on display. Come on Ed, whine and cry some more. It amuses us!

  • Ed Shalom

    Hi, Noonan: It seems you won’t take my advice and get away from the curmudgeon keyboard, and get a life outside of trying to squelch any expressions by those of us who feel the election was stolen, and Don Juan is NOT our president !!

    Your hypocritical chivalry is easy to see: you have NO problems with all the attacks on a previous First Lady, but now you want to defend the illegal worker Milania Knauss. No need for me to recount all the nasty things that have been said on this forum about Secretary Clinton, but they are at least as bad as whore….

    I don’t consider Milania a whore, since whores are cheap, but do consider her an expensive tramp/callgirl/escort, who gives the best groping experience that all of Humpty Trumpty’s money can buy….

  • JM

    The 188,000 votes are 1.1% of the 1,700,000 million in the popular vote. We are bending and changing the rules to coddle the transgender who comprise about 0.3% of the population. Why are you so upset with the 1.1%?

  • noonan

    I’m not trying to squelch your expression, I’m encouraging you to do so as it amuses me.

    As for the prior first lady, you’ve never asked me so I haven’t commented. But if you want my opinion, she’s a libtard, race baiting, hustler who has been the recipient of much that this country has to offer and yet she’s only proud when her statist, incompetent, husband is elected. She’s a fraud.

    Regarding Melania, she’s not illegal and even if she were, that’s never an issue with you types. Funny how you don’t consider her a whore but you do call her an expensive tramp/call girl/escort, which are all synonyms for whore. You’re just not that bright are you Ed?

    And now the election was stolen? Please don’t stop as your words make the work day go by so much more quickly. Your hysterics remind me of a 2 year old with a poppy diaper in need of a safety pin. Laughing…..a safety pin is your new symbol of oppression! What’s wrong, a pamper diaper wasn’t good enough?

  • noonan

    Ed, shouldn’t you be outside burning a flag or blocking a freeway? More comedy: douchebag kids blocking freeways in a state that voted over 60% for Hillary! Yea, I think I’ll show my disgust at the election by screwing up the day/night of people that agree with my choice of president.

  • Ed Shalom


    I had the misguided idea that one can distinguish between low-life streetwalkers and high-priced call girls, but it is true that this distinction is only based upon price, and not upon morality.

    Since you feel there is no difference, I am happy to stand corrected: Melania Tramp is a WHORE who supported Don Juan’s assault upon women, and will hopefully excite and stimulate us all as a POTUS ( Pussy Of The United States ). It may be that she speaks 5 languages, but it is unfortunate that after 20+ years in the US, English is not one of them….but she was not selected by Don Juan for her brains….

  • nohatejustdebate

    Mr. Ed, with all of your talk of searching Google for porn and talk of whores and pussy, when do you find time to post your comments?

  • Ed Shalom

    Gee….I thought it was your imposter “President Elect” Don Juan who stayed up all night, dreaming of whores and pussy….

    • I suspect Ed Shalom is just trying to build acceptance of the word “pussy”, because he has been called one his entire life.

  • Ed Shalom


    1. Do you remember when Don Juan tweeted about how he dug up a “sex tape” on the beauty queen he molested ? Do you remember that it was Don Juan who boasted about groping women by their pussies ?
    2. To no effect, I’ve repeated my challenge to Don Juan lemmings to state how they feel about his assaults upon women – shouldn’t they be clamoring for him to follow up on his campaign promise to sue them ? Please tell me you believe it was orchestrated by Secretary Clinton, who was brilliant enough to get these women to share info on these assaults with their confidantes years ago, with the knowledge that Don Juan would run for President in 2016….

  • nohatejustdebate

    Mr. Ed, there were plenty of women who came forward about Bill Clinton and your candidate tried to silence and destroy each one of them. That’s why most of America nearly puked when she put out a statement that any woman’s complaint about sexual abuse should be taken seriously. That’s the classic definition of a pathological liar and yet, you still supported her. Blindly loyal Clinton supporters like you are the last people on earth to point fingers at anyone else but then, I don’t think you can be a Democrat unless you are a hypocrite. How else could you possibly justify your positions?

    I suggest you put down your little sling shot and get on board to make America great again!

  • Ed Shalom


    1. Thanks for your inputs on Bill Clinton…..NOW, PLEASE, PLEASE, tell me if you excuse sexual assaults by Don Juan. Inputs from other Don Juan lemmings are most welcome….the silence is deafening !
    2. If Secretary Clinton was an enabler by casting doubt on her husband’s accuser, doesn’t it put Melania in the same category ?
    3. Please recall that Monica Lewinsky never claimed that Bill Clinton forced himself on her – in fact, it was the other way around. If Secretary Clinton was an enabler, why has Monica Lewinsky endorsed her ?
    4. Even if Secretary Clinton was an enabler of sex crimes, Don Juan Trump is accused of actually being a SEX CRIMINAL….what is worse ?

  • noonan

    Keep whining Mr. Ed. It amuses me.

  • Nishka

    “If Secretary Clinton was an enabler by casting doubt on her husband’s accuser, doesn’t it put Melania in the same category ?” AH, THE IRONY OF IT ALL !!!!

    Ed, thanks for bringing that up !!!!

  • noonan

    Melania is not the President elect.

    Lois, my precious snowflake buttercup, have you and Mr. Ed availed yourself to some play doh, puppy videos, and group hugs to get over this rough time in your life? Perhaps if you went our and burned an American flag or stopped a freeway you might feel better. It’s going to get worse you know. Each day Trump is going to announce a new racist cabinet member who bows at the alter of the alt-right, (and by the way, what exactly does “alt-right mean?). Soon he will appoint a homophobic Supreme Court nominee and your spasms of agony will continue unabated. But look at the bright side, your anxiety continues to bring me great joy. The degree of how big a sore loser you are cannot be any less joyful for me. Your whining and crying and depression enhances my day each day and I pray you and Mr. Ed don’t stop.

    Here’s to you kid! Never change….

  • nohatejustdebate

    Mr. Ed,

    1. I’m not aware of a single conservative who “excused” the sexual behavior of President Trump. Unlike liberals who defended Clinton no matter what, conservatives were very quick to condemn President Trump for his past behavior and statements. If you have any statements of President Trump’s sexual behavior being “excused”, please post it before making your final judgement.

    2. The stories of sexual misconduct I’ve heard about President Trump happened before he was married to Melania, so how was she an enabler? Also, she has never gone after any of the women the way Hillary did with Bill. It was a disgrace.

    3. P-l-e-a-s-e….she was a 24 year old intern and Bill Clinton was the most powerful man in the world. Any court of law would see that as sexual exploitation and if any CEO tried that in his business, he would be fired.

    4. Interesting how none of these “accusers” came forward during the GOP primary. It was only weeks leading up to the election against Clinton. You’re really naive, Mr. Ed.

    While you and your fellow ideologues are having a meltdown over things Trump “said” or has been “accused” of doing, you keep looking past the mountain of documented and indisputable evidence of things Clinton actually “did”.

    Blind loyalty to a political makes people stupid. With each post you keep proving this point.