BBQ Butler supports veterans

Before and after. Courtesy photo.
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Young entrepreneurs Matthew Glienke and Robert Tomasi of Newbury Park struck out on a mission to create a unique business model in December 2014.

Their goal was to satisfy their personal necessities and to position themselves to give back to their community. Their idea actually spawned from a desire to “give back” because they firmly believed that they were truly blessed with good tidings resulting from living in the greatest country on our planet.

The business idea actually came to Tomasi, a Newbury Park High School graduate and current Moorpark College student, last year when his father asked him to clean their family barbecue.

It turned out to be a much dirtier job than he expected, Tomasi said.

While developing their plan, they received counsel from family members including Grandpa Ron Brocca and City Councilmember Rob McCoy.

After much research and planning, Glienke and Tomasi started a business in June 2015.

These two young men are highly energized, hardworking and dedicated with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

“We work around our customer’s schedule instead of doing what’s easiest for us,” Tomasi said.

“The toughest jobs are without doubt 10-year or older grills without owners cleaning them properly, and when grills are used three or more times weekly,” he said.

“They get very greasy and completely built-up with layers of carbon that are very hard to come off.”

“It’s been tough being young,” Matthew said. “I didn’t have any prior knowledge of starting a business and the government certainly doesn’t make it easy to create a company.”

As business blossomed and with Veterans Day approaching, Glienke and Tomasi thought, “what can we do for Veterans?”

Thus supporting “The Soldiers Project” evolved and currently 100 percent of their profits are contributed.

The two men are anxious to expand their business into the Santa Clarita Valley and they’re offering a $100 discount to all Veterans.

“Our basic philosophy is steeped in personal responsibility, hard work, pursuing the American dream, and giving back to our community,” Glienke said.

For a quote, contact BBQ Butler at 805 444-2153 or [email protected].

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