“Beginnings” Bringing back memories of the years 1935-1948

Arnold Mann of Valencia. Courtesy photo
I was born at a quarter past three Father’s name Nathan mother’s Sophie Dad smoked all his life And loved his dear wife The acorn fell far from the tree   Some years later the steps tripped my mother Ending my hopes for a brother We moved to Fourteenth Street Ocean sounds were a new treat Shared a locker in The Baths with my father   There were uncles, aunts and cousins The family was counted in dozens Then in ’40 one morn Sister Sandi was born Few closets, no place to put clothes in   The move from Fourteenth to Twelfth Was a definite sign of new wealth The second bedroom was fine Little sister took space that was mine At least we were all in good health   There was Jerry, Hal, Bobbie and Paul Our favorite game was Stick-ball Sandy, Red, Don and Lenny Marbles, Stoops, and Hit-The-Penny The games stopped when mom gave a call   They came from Philly each summer Sleeping eight was really a bummer They liked Kosher deli And our seven inch TV Black and white was alright before color   And so it went for a dozen years Beginnings filled with laughter and tears There were very few material things But we shared the fun that friendship brings Looking back to a time without doubts or fears